How to Text Someone Who Has Blocked Your Mobile Number


A friend, family member or ex has blocked your number preventing you from contacting them which can be a very frustrating or difficult situation especially if it involves you losing connection with a child or loved one. This happened to me and the lack of communication was enough to affect my mental health and cause my many sleepless nights.

I am writing this to help others out there that may be in the same position that I was in.

My story had a happy ending… but I digress from the topic at hand.


This article was written to help people resolve a negative situation that could turned into a positive outcome for all parties concerned.

This is NOT for people who have had a bad breakup and want to slander or harass another individual.

Before you text


On some occasions people do get accidentally blocked so this method is ideal but if the person has blocked you on purpose it is a good idea to carefully consider the consequences of why you are reaching out to them.

If it is to harass then there could be some legal issues to deal with that would heavily outweigh the outcome that you are looking for including protection orders and fines.

If on the other hand you are looking to resolve a dispute and reach a positive mutual outcome then this is a good way to start that conversation.

Use an SMS provider

This is one of the best solutions available because it allows you to send a text message using a different mobile number.

Most SMS service providers like have free virtual mobile numbers that randomize or you can purchase a static virtual mobile number. The one I used was

All you need to do is create a free SMS account, you will need to use your own mobile number to set this up but once you have created the account you can set it up to use a virtual mobile number by selecting the option “I want to receive replies using my email address”.

The prices are cheap as well $7.95 AUD (Australian) for 100 SMS messages which should be more than enough to resolve any conflicts.

Alternative options


Change your number

Changing your mobile number is an option that some people may consider but when you think about the hassle of organizing a new mobile number, updating everything that has your old mobile number, letting friends and family know about the change it is a lot plus when you consider you will only get one shot at a text message before that person blocks your new number it is a not an easy solution.

Use a friend’s phone

Using a friend’s phone is a common method but does implicate your friend in a situation that they may not be comfortable with. When it comes to personal relationships it is a better idea to find ways to isolate the communication and not involve others.


So, should you use an SMS service? If you are going to use the service in a responsible way to re-connect with someone else or are you going to use it to harass another person.

If you are going to use it to stalk or harass then it is not a tool I would recommend using simply because the service provider with pick up on what you are doing and could decide to involve the authorities.

If you are going to use it responsibly then using a service like this gives you plenty of ways to get back in contact with a person you have lost communications with but in my findings the easiest method is to use an SMS service simply because it is easy to set up and easy to use simply add the person’s phone number, type out your SMs message and click send.

The best part about using and SMS service is that you have a lot more versatility at your disposal for example:

You can send a text message using your name instead of a mobile number

You can redirect replies to your mobile phone or have them sent to your email address

You can purchase a virtual mobile number

Using an SMS provider is just a tool and so you should use it responsibly and with respect to others.