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Let us make online reading more fun and interesting through freebooksmania. Here we offer you a variety of English and Urdu novels of every genre. You can also enjoy English plays and Urdu dramas here. The pdf books related to every genre of literature are available here. So, now you can enjoy every bit of reading here with us sitting in your room for free. It provides the best-selling authors whose awe-inspiring stories will make you sit back on a dazzling ride of suspense mixed with a sprinkle of action, some leaving you teary-eyed and some make you walk in the fantasy of love. This site is great for those who enjoy reading.

This eBook stream has all the captivating and charismatic novels to be your partner at all times. English literature is now growing very fast. Here you can find any type of book of your own choice. Also, we offer you Islamic books that you can download any time free of cost. Urdu poetry is always on the top of the list and for ages, it was enjoyed by many of our scholars. Not only English literature but with our national language magic makers of great tales that play their roles in making Urdu literature a great piece of art such as Banu Qudsia, Farhat Ishtiaq, Ghalib, Meer Anees, and Faiz and many more fabulous poets of past and present. We offer you every type of poetry book which are not easily available at stores. You can also watch and download English plays and Urdu dramas for free.

Reading always brings calm and charm to our personality. Reading books also boosts our spoken and we got to learn many informative things. Here, freebooksmania can polish your reading and writing skills. You can improve your speaking qualities for free of cost. In this pandemic situation, reading books and watching plays and dramas are the best thing to utilize your time in something useful instead of wasting it on scrolling social media apps. You can read and download the books and plays easily from our website in just a few minutes.

We provide you with everything you look for from tales of Shakespeare and its glorious art of writing to present Alice Walker and many more who contribute to our imaginative world. It’s a great place to have all these in your pockets and read them anytime and anywhere you want. We offer you every type of book with its review. This is the best site to get information and improve your reading skills. So, you should visit our website to utilize your free time in something worthy.

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