How to Make Your Phone’s Notifications More Recognizable


We spend so much time on our smartphones, scrolling through social media and the internet. Some people use their phones, not just for fun and talking to loved ones, but also for doing business. Either way, it is logical to optimize all functions on your phone so that you can take the maximum advantage of it. One of the useful features you can use to make your life easier is to set your notifications to be more recognizable. How to achieve this? Find out below.

1. Make sure each app’s notifications have their own distinctive sound


One of the first steps in making your notifications more recognizable is to make sure each app has its own distinctive sound. This can be of great benefit to all those who leave the phone aside when working, so that they can focus on tasks to the maximum.

It is crucial that you can discern where the notification is coming from when you hear its sound, to be able to conclude how alarming it is to leave work and check out your phone.

That way, you will know if someone just liked your picture on Instagram or you received an important email to which it is vital to send a reply as soon as possible.

2. If you want only one notification to be different from the others, make it special


Perhaps in your case, the best idea is that all notifications sound similar, and that you only have one that is special and different from the others. Maybe it’s the one that will indicate to you that you have an important appointment, medical examination, or other activity that you must not forget.

In the sea of sounds that your phone emits, you can overlook a notification that is crucial for the day. That’s why, with some recognizable sound, you’ll notice that one vital notification every time and make sure you don’t miss key activities.

3. Find your favorite sound for each notification


You spend so much time on your phone – why not enjoy it to the fullest? One way to achieve this is to find and set some notification sounds that you will enjoy and that you will associate with specific apps or people.

Why not give each loved one a special sound, so you know right away that someone who you love is calling you. At you can find a bunch of different sounds for notifications and choose a few of them that sound the best to you. You will notice how much more you enjoy using the phone after adjusting the notification sounds that suit your ears and soul.


The experience of using your smartphone will become much better once you adjust the notification sounds to your needs. Set different notifications for different apps, or choose one sound to assign to a specific notification that is especially important to you.

If you want, try to make call notifications from loved ones special by dedicating one song or sound to each person. It’s a great idea to make your notification recognizable, as it can make your day-to-day operation much easier, and also make you much more productive and happy on a daily basis.