6 Best Places to Visit in Paris Besides the Eiffel Tower

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Paris is the place that everyone’s dream to visit once in their lifetime. Most of the people know the city because of its iconic construction – the Eiffel Tower. But do you know that Paris has much more to offer its tourists besides the Eiffel Tower? In this article, we will be sharing some of the best places that you cannot miss to see whenever you visit the beautiful city of Paris.

1. The Louvre:

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If you are someone who loves art, then you cannot leave Paris without seeing this World’s famous art museum. It is located at the center of the city. Louvre is located on an area of about 21 thousand hectare and is counted amongst the busiest places in Paris. It is divided into different sections namely: Islamic art, Egyptian antiquities, graphic art, Greek and Roman art, painting, etc. Check out UsefulTravelArticles.com to know more about this place in detail.

2. Arc De Triomphe:

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Constructed in the honor of the royal armed forces in the nineteenth century, Arch of Triumph is a great construction and one of the renowned spots in Paris. The astonishing figures, column carvings and engraved triumph stories on the circular segment are the components of magnificence here. Its beauty lies in its wonderful engineering. It is ensured that you make sure to get hypnotized by the astounding architecture of the spot.

3. Paris Catacombs:

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Did you realize that under the City of Light there are burrows brimming with bones? The Catacombs of Paris may appear to be somewhat creepy or gross, however they are an entrancing piece of Parisian history. Perhaps the best thing to do when you come to Paris is to visit the imaginatively stacked passages. Containing the bones of more than 6,000,000 individuals, the tombs are formally the world’s biggest grave.

4. Place de la Concorde:

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Another spot that is known to be the place of tourist’s interest is the Place de la Concorde which was built for King Louis XV. Initially, this large square contained the statue of King Louis but later on it got removed and replaced with the Statue of Liberty, which is known as the Statue of freedom. The square is decorated with various figures and fountains all around it.

5. Vineyard:

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If you are a wine lover, then you must not want to miss this spot. Yes, you heard it right that there is a vineyard located in the center of the city. It is the world’s smallest vineyard and is not owned by some big business or rich family. It is just a park where local wine is produced and consumed on social initiatives.

6. Disneyland:

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Who doesn’t love visiting amusement parks? Disneyland is a place which is not only popular among the children but also grown-ups. The colourful and the vibrant vibes of an amusement park is liked by everyone. It is famous for the animation movies, super rides, and rallies. You will also get a chance to meet your favourite Disney character.


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