5 Easy Steps How To Improve Your Social Media Presence

Source: smallbiztrends.com

If you own a small business, or a company, or you just want to promote something you want to teach people, social media is one of the most obvious solutions to do that. Today, we have plenty of options, but not every social platform is good for the nature of your job. But, if you open Facebook, Instagram, or even TikTok, you will see how the people are using them to promote themselves. They are consistent with the content, they are building a recognizable style, and attract more and more followers and subscribers, who will later become their clients or customers.

It seems like a lot of jobs to do, but according to those who already use social media to improve their presence, it’s worth it. It can be pretty challenging to manage all those things alone, so you can really use some help at the beginning until you are ready to hire someone who will implement the social strategy for you.

One of the most common mistakes people make is their high expectations. Yes, all those platforms are powerful enough to boost you as a brand, but also to cover you by representing similar content, so the users don’t really know which one is you. And you can blame it on the algorithms, but also to wrong assumptions that you need to overshare, mention people, and tag other businesses, asking for support.

So, in order to successfully run this one, we need to detect some important things in your overall social media behavior, and of course, your goals. That’s why we will start with the first, and then proceed to the next steps.

1. Set the SMART goals

Probably you will meet a lot of marketers mentioning that SMART strategy. According to them, it can enhance the overall performance pretty well since:

S – stands for “Specific”, which means you need to identify the social channel and their metrics

M – stands for “Measurable”, which means you need to know how to measure the response rate you will get from your campaign

A – stands for “Achievable”, so you can identify how much did you achieve in some specific period

R – stands for “Relevant”, so you can measure how relevant was your content to the people who’ve seen it

T – stands for “Time-bound”, or the time you have to meet the goal

So, once you have these ones, it will be easier for you to proceed with your campaign properly, and target the right audience you want to reach.

2. Use relevant tools to help you grow faster

There are many available strategies, or you can come up with unique ones, to be even more recognizable among the others, and showed up to the relevant audience. All the social media platforms offer plenty of tools to edit your content and make it more appealing. One of the best examples is instant-famous.com, which supports the most popular platforms and helps you decide which one you want to use to promote yourself or your business. The good thing with them is that you can research the relevant hashtags and keywords, and you can tailor your content according to that. Yes, it’s not necessary to use these tools, but they can make your life much easier.

3. Decide which platforms you need to use

Source: unboxsocial.com

Depending on your target audience, but also on your preferences, you can choose the platform you want to be present on. That’s right, you don’t have to be everywhere so the people can find you. The audience is biggest on Facebook, but do you know that TikTok is now popular among all ages? If you are skilled in basic video editing, you can give it a try. Follow the current trends, and place your products smartly. Pinterest is great for those who enjoy pictures and photos, and Instagram is mostly for those who want to read some relevant content together with the published media. Twitter is very limited, but if you gain enough audience on time, you can use it to promote your website, together with short and catchy descriptions.

4. Find the most optimal content format

You have to make a plan what do you want to do in the next few days. Take your time to explore the interests of your target audience, so you can easily come up with interesting ideas that will be relevant to them. You can stick to one format, or you can combine a few of them. The results show that blog posts, photos, infographics, short videos, and relevant content shared from similar brands are the best way to engage more potential customers. Also, keeping your current ones should be your priority too, because they are those who will share their good experience and motivate their friends to buy from you or use your services.

5. Show your followers they are important to you

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Let them comment and share their opinion. Ask them for some ideas. Call them to action. Your audience should interact with you, and it’s very easy to encourage them to do that. Ask questions, and let them answer, and be open for interactions. Let them feel like their opinion is important, or even use some of their suggestions for improvement. Thank them for the collaboration, and don’t hesitate to talk to them, even though you are a brand, and they are real people.

As you can see, it’s not that hard to keep consistency when it comes to your social media presence. It can be really challenging to turn all those engagements and interactions into real sales, but don’t force the things, and don’t be aggressive with your offers.

Try to be friendly even with those who attack you, because politeness will ensure you have the right place on the market.

Use social media ethically, and don’t get in fights with those who try to attack you. Build a brand around you, and make sure you stick to your principles.