5 Best Ben Foster Movies You Need to Watch in 2024

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If you take a look at Ben Foster’s acting career, you’ll notice that the characters he plays are all extremely diverse. In one movie, you could see him depict a completely dangerous and rebellious individual, while in another one, he transforms and perfectly delivers the persona of a pitiful character looking for forgiveness. If you want to see his brilliant acting skills, here is a list of the best five Ben Foster movies that you need to watch in 2024:

1. “Hell or High Water”

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At the beginning of this movie, you’ll see two brothers, Toby (played by Chris Pine) and Tanner (played by Ben Foster) as they attempt and succeed at robbing several banks in Texas. Although they were successful multiple times, the tables turn when Tanner starts making too many risky decisions that jeopardize their entire plan. Because of this, the law enforcement gets onto them, and from there, the story gets really complicated as the brothers have to deal with some serious problems at once.

2. “Alpha Dog”

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A lot of individuals don’t realize that this movie was based on real events, mostly because the names of the characters were changed. The plot is quite interesting as you follow Ben and his team as he kidnaps the brother of an individual that owns him money. Of course, this type of situation never ends well for anyone involved, and if you want to have several hours of thrill, you should definitely see this movie.

3. “Hostiles”

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Brilliantly scripted by Scott Jason Cooper, Hostiles is a movie that has a lot of things going on at the same time, which is exactly what makes it incredibly interesting to watch. The story is about Captain Joseph Blocker – played by Christian Bale – as he is given his last task to escort a Cheyenne chief to his tribal home. Together with other characters played by Ben Foster, Scott Wilson, ad Rosamund Pike, they deliver a perfectly moving plot that tells a story about overcoming hate.

4. “30 Days of Night”

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Although Ben didn’t have a big role in this particular film, it’s still worth mentioning on this list, mostly because he gave a brilliant performance of a person that seems completely like an empty shell without a future. It does seem like Ben’s character was sent out by vampires to stir things up in the city, and by the end, it appears as it worked. The diner scene is one of the best you’ll ever watch because of the manic behavior depicted by Ben Foster.

5. “Lone Survivor”

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Last on our list is “Lone Survivor” another movie that was based on real-life events, that is both accurate and incredibly entertaining as it perfectly shows the lives of a team of servicemen that faced some truly scary things. The four Marines that full responsibility for their country throughout the movie and they aren’t people who run away from danger, which is why you’ll have some fun and thrill watching this movie.


If you’re interested in seeing some Ben Foster movies in 2024, you should definitely choose to see some of the ones we mentioned in our list above. No matter which one you’ll choose, you’ll definitely have endless hours of fun – and don’t forget to prepare some of your favorite snacks and beverages!