5 Reasons to Add Caffeine and L-Theanine to Your Morning Routine

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Most individuals are aware of caffeine’s benefits, but they don’t know how adding L-theanine to their coffee can change their morning routine. Did you know that when both these ingredients are combined, they enhance each other’s qualities and also reduce the risks of various side effects?

L-theanine sounds like some product that has been made in some lab, but this is not true. It is a natural source that is extracted from tea leaves. It helps provide a unique flavor to your green tea and enables you to relax. Let us study some more benefits of L-theanine so that you can make up your mind and include it in your morning coffee routine.

1. Helps in the amplification of alpha brainwaves

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One of the benefits of L-theanine is that it helps amplify alpha brain waves, which in turn supports a person staying relaxed and inducing more creativity in his thinking. Even though it helps you in calming, it does make you more alert as well. Therefore, you should try L-Theanine as it improves your mental health by producing consistent and strong brainwaves.

2. Balances the drawbacks of caffeine

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There are various side effects of consuming coffee alone, including restlessness, anxiety, increase in blood pressure, and stress. Here comes the role of L-theanine, which helps balance these negative impacts of the coffee. It is a great source to make your coffee experience even more wonderful and pleasant. Therefore, coffee and L-Theanine should be combined to start fresh mornings.

3. Helps in fighting depression

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According to various studies, L-Theanine can fight depression in people. It helps in fighting and reducing the symptoms that lead a person to depression. We cannot say that it can completely vanish your depression as of now, but it helps lift your mood or cheer you up.

4. Improve concentration level

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We all require a high concentration level to do essential tasks of the day. Therefore, it becomes necessary to start your morning by boosting up your focusing power. According to research, L-Theanine helps improve concentration, so you don’t get distracted while doing lengthy and valuable tasks.

5. Improvement in sleep quality

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Various diseases are associated with a lack of sleep or restlessness. In such cases where people find it difficult to sleep, they tend to seek the help of sleep medications. But depending on sleeping pills can have various adverse side effects on your health. Therefore, you should give this source a shot and watch how it helps in improving the quality of your sleep.

Are there any side effects of consuming L-Theanine?

There are no scientifically proven facts that can show the negative impacts of L-Theanine. However, according to various reports, it has been found that consuming it can lead to minor side effects such as headache, dizziness, and upset stomach. Also, in case you are pregnant, then you must surely consult your doctor before consuming L-Theanine.