3 Best Ark Server Hosting Providers

Source: gamehostlab.com

ARK is a resource-intensive type of game that runs seamlessly and better when played on a custom server. These servers intended for ARK have the capabilities and functionalities that you can’t access on a standard web host.

However, since there are tons of servers available out there for this game, some might encounter errors and issues that often lead players on asking ideas about what to do when the ARK server is not showing up and working.

Aside from there are specific solutions provided for that, here are three of the most reliable ARK servers that could be a better alternative:

1. ScalaCube

Source: spigotmc.org

If you are looking for a server where you can obtain complete control over the server’s control panel to do major tasks such as restarting, managing, and adjusting the settings, then this is the best one so far.

Aside from enabling you to do major tasks easily, it allows you to make modifications as well. These are the following features you can acquire when you use ScalaCube: Custom Launch Parameters, Free Domain, Full FTP Access, SSD Drive, DDoS Protection, and New Plug-Ins and Maps.

At a starting price of $19/month, you can access a wide range of greater game speed for ARK. It is also highly secured as it has layers of protection that prevent possible attacks and hacks.

However, ScalaCube is currently limited to Europe and North America since most of the players who are hooked on this game came from the countries that belong to those continents.

2. Host Havoc

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Another most used server in today’s time is Host Havoc. This gaming server will enable you to be on top of the line as it will totally help you to easily level up in the game. Aside from that, it contains uncomplicated instructions and a simple setup, which allows its players to get in their game as fast as possible.

Through its high-performance hardware, you can select any free clusters, mods, and maps to ensure a smooth and efficient gaming experience. Just like other servers it also has features such as DDoS Protection, Niche Provider, Modification Support, Uptime, and Knowledgeable Staff.

Even though it is a new addition to reliable servers, it has already built a strong and credible reputation that has been trusted by many players.

3. Survival Servers

Source: se7en.ws

Lastly, this server is well-known in the game. It has been one of the primary servers used by most gamers over the years. It has proved its capability that provides players a gaming experience without any disturbance or disruptions.

The instant access it provides, whether you playing on your console or computer, is outstanding and notable. No wonder, it’s always been a part of every review by ARK enthusiasts.

Its features shouldn’t be disregarded either, here is all of it: Instant Setup, Automated Updates, Customized Game Control Panel, Steam Workshop Content, and Updates and Mods Installation.

Final Words

If you want to obtain a seamless ARK gaming experience, better invest in reliable and credible gaming servers. Although it could be costly, it will be totally worth it most especially if you’re playing ARK on a daily basis.

There are still multiple servers available in the market that was not included in the list, but those that were mentioned above are the best and most recommended ones.