Choosing The Most Effective Free Adult Blocker Software For Android


If in the past, mobile phones were considered a luxury item, today almost everyone has one – from children to seniors. Whether we like it or not, having access to the Internet exposes us to advertising, including pornography.

For a safe online experience, it’s important to know how to disable adult content. It’s not just a whim, it’s a necessity. Especially considering that such content often contains malware. Are you wondering how to block adult websites on my phone permanently and ensure safety?

There are many ways to do this – both in browser settings and with the help of specialized tools, such as AWAX. From this article, you’ll learn how to permanently block adult content on Android. Let’s get started!

Why should you block Adult Content on Android?


The need to disable marketing creatives is not just about protecting children and youth from unwanted content. In this case, we’re talking about creating a healthy digital environment for society.

Research by GuardChild has revealed that about 70% of children aged 7-18 accidentally encountered online pornography while doing homework.

When it comes to blocking adult websites on Android, there are many aspects to consider:

  • Mental health: Viewing 18+ content often has harmful consequences, leading to unrealistic perceptions of relationships and body image issues.
  • Risk of addiction: Intrusive advertising for adult websites leads to the development of addictive behavior, affecting personal and professional life.
  • Data security: Most adult websites are unsafe for devices. When visiting such sites, you should understand that it can lead to malware infections and privacy settings violations.
  • Internet experience: Accessing content on favorite sites will not take much time. You won’t have to wait for ads to finish or be distracted by banners.
  • Impact on family relationships: Relationships can benefit from installing an adult website blocker and disabling 18+ content, as it promotes more honest and open dialogue between partners.

Considering the above, there are many advantages to disabling pornographic advertising when using a mobile phone. That’s why the question of finding a quality adults site blocker for you and your children is crucial.

How to block adult sites on Android?

If you’re tired of seeing adult advertisements in your browser, take steps to block them. This is necessary not only to avoid seeing inappropriate content, but also to prevent tracking that may compromise your privacy.

What are the ways to block marketing creatives on Android? Let’s consider several of them.

Method 1. Use a reliable browser

  •  Choose and download one, such as Opera, Firefox, Chrome.
  •  Configure settings (privacy or safe browsing).
  • Enable features that block adult content and malicious websites.

Method 2. Enable SafeSearch on Google

  •  Open the browser you use.
  •  Go to search settings (through the menu in the upper right corner).
  • Enable it (through the “SafeSearch filters” section).

Method 3. Adjust settings

  •  Periodically check the correctness of the settings to be prepared to deal with different types and formats of advertising.
  • Set restrictions, such as from which websites you do not want to receive notifications and alerts.

Method 4. Set Google Play restrictions

  •  Open Google Play. Go to “Settings.”
  • Enable parental controls (in the “User Controls” section).
  •  Create a PIN.
  •  Set restrictions (you can select the type of content you want to restrict and the maturity level).

As we can see, blocking adult content on Android is not difficult at all. The problem is that these methods cannot be considered 100% effective. A more reliable option is to install a porn blocker.

Method 5. Download an adult content blocker 18+

  •  Open Google Play and choose an application, for example, one of the popular ones – AWAX.
  •  Allow the blocker to work in the background.
  • Activate the local VPN service through the device settings.

Another option is to download the tool from the official website. Then, in “Downloads,” open the downloaded package and install it. Launch the program and follow the instructions.

Next, let’s look at AWAX as the most effective way to combat inappropriate content.

Features of AWAX blocker

AWAX can be called the top software for blocking 18+ websites on the modern market:

  • Compatibility with all operating systems. Suitable not only for Android but also for iOS, Windows, and macOS, seamlessly working on different devices.
  •  Support for popular browsers. Among them are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.
  • Fighting both ads and trackers. You not only get rid of 18+ content but also protect your privacy. The program itself does not have access to your data.
  • Content filtering through a local VPN connection. Traffic is redirected to an un-routed address. Optimization of mobile device performance. The program saves battery power and does not affect the performance of your smartphone/tablet.

5 arguments in favor of AWAX for disabling porn content


AWAX adult site blocker holds leading positions among competitors because it has such important characteristics:

  1.  Convenience. Thanks to the simple and well-thought-out interface, intuitive control logic, it is easy to work with the tool. Connection setup takes only a few seconds and does not require further intervention.
  2.  Reliability. Constantly updating database allows easy recognition of new marketing creatives and pornographic sites.
  3.  Innovation. The program uses advanced technologies and spam filtering. This ensures high effectiveness in combating ads.
  4.  Efficiency. Since the program uses a local filter, it significantly saves transmitted traffic and speeds up query processing.
  5.  Accessibility. You have a chance to try the adult content blocker for free (download with a 7-day trial period). You can evaluate its functionality and advantages based on your own experience.

If you are looking for the best free apps to block inappropriate websites, use AWAX and forget about unwanted content! Purchasing the paid version is possible on the official website.

Creating a safe online environment


Online advertising is very diverse and often dangerous, so it is important to learn how to filter and control the content that is displayed to you and your children. This is not only about caring for mental health, but also about vigilance regarding the security of digital content. This is where specialized tools like AWAX come into play.

The program is a model of simplicity and efficiency. Users of any age can easily configure the necessary filters. Whether we are talking about blocking specific content or websites, or comprehensive filtering, AWAX is unmatched, impressing with the results of its work.

By blocking adult content, you are not just protecting your device – you are contributing to the development of a culture of responsible and conscious online consumption!