St. Catharines Plumbing Tips


Have you encountered a clogged drain, toilet, or leaky pipe in your home? These are just a few of the reasons to seek the services of a professional plumber. If you live in St. Catharines, you will agree with me that it’s not easy to choose an experienced plumber.

Nonetheless, it’s wise to engage one with adequate experience handling the type of issue you are experiencing. Don’t know where to start? Check out tips to guide you.

Know when to call for help

You will experience different plumbing issues; some are minor while others are emergencies. You can fix minor issues by yourself if you understand how to do this.

However, major plumbing problems require help from professional Plumbers in St. Catharines.

Examples of issues necessitating prompt help include:

• Clogged sinks.
• Leaky water heater.
• Clogged toilets.
• Burst pipes.
• Running toilet.
• Clogged garbage disposal.

1. Know where to get the shut-off valves

Once you move into a new home, search for the location of the main shut-off valves. It’s mostly located outside the home. Also, know how to access the sewer line access point if you need to do regular clean-outs. But, if living in an apartment or condo, you may not have a dedicated shut-off valve.

2. Know what to flush!


Most homeowners don’t use the toilet trash cans and end up flushing things that clog the toilets. Flushing objects in your toilet can lead to clogs hence the need for Emergency plumbing in St. Catharines. Also, avoid dumping leftover food and vegetable peels down the kitchen drain. These will likely clog your pipes, and you’ll need the services of a plumber to fix the issue.

3. Don’t ignore minor leaks


Minor leaks can lead to a significant increase in your water bills. Also, they are a sign of a serious issue and can lead to water damage in your home. For instance, a simple faucet leak wastes about eight gallons of water daily. Similarly, a running toilet can waste gallons of water per day. Therefore, fix all leaks as soon as you notice them by having Plumbing services in St. Catharines.

4. Don’t overtighten


You may undertake DIY repairs for simple plumbing issues in your home. However, you require the right tools and equipment for the job to accomplish this without damaging your systems. Most homeowners make the mistake of over-tightening fittings and connections. Avoid this, for this can break the bolts and stripped screws.

5. Have the plumber’s tape at home


The plumbers’ tape is handy in every home. You can use it to seal pipe threads; this helps avert leaks around joints and fittings. You only need to wrap the plumber’s tape a few times around the pipe threads and then seal. It’s also worth noting that you can use white tape for common plumbing problems in the home.

Wrapping up

Plumbing issues are common occurrences in St. Catharines. If you notice any plumbing issues in your home, seek prompt help from a professional plumber. This will avoid costly damage in your home and ensure a safe environment for you and your loved ones.