5 Common Plumbing Issues You Should Never DIY

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At least for once in your life, you had the situation when water in the kitchen or bathroom was leaking. As a rule, there is no plumber on sight then. We usually rely on ourselves and what we know to do in order to fix plumbing failures.

Still, let’s ask ourselves if this is really a good solution. There are things we can do on our own, but there are also things for which we need the help of professionals.

An Attempt To Save Money With DIY Plumbing Can Cost You A Lot

Source: pexels.com

Plumbing issues might surprise you but they are the inevitable thing if you live in a house. Since some problems occur because of the usual wear and tear of plumbing equipment – some other things can occur due to the way some systems are used and maintained.

Although we tend to think that all this is simple and that we do not have to spend money on calling a plumber – it is still far from the truth. Sometimes doing DIY repairs can do even more damage to installations and that can cost us extra money. Although you can do some minor and simple repairs yourself, some breakdowns require the help of professionals.

Issues That You Shouldn’t Do By Yourself

Just imagine what it would be like if there were no plumbers. We would have all kinds of situations that we could barely solve on our own. Moreover, floods and water, in general, can cause great material damage.

For example, sometimes even the smallest amount of water can wipe away everything in front of it and cause significant damage to our home. These can be floor coverings, but also walls, ceilings, furniture, etc. The consequences are really huge, and that is why it is good to call plumbers preventively, and not only when you have a problem. Still, many people think they can do it themselves.

Sometimes this statement is true, especially when it comes to some minor repairs like replacing the faucet rubber. However, there are certain faults that you should not solve on your own – unless you are a plumber. Here are 5 common breakdowns that you should not fix yourself.

1. Frequent Sewer Clogging

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The occurrence of frequent clogging of the sewer is most often a consequence of the poor condition of the inside of the sewer pipe. It occurs during years of pipe use – and is a normal occurrence. Sewer clothing is usually depending on the habits of the users. Every day, we use sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, etc. These are all sources of grease, chemicals, food scraps, plastic, and various garbage.

According to Lpgs.com.au, as the years go by, grease accumulates on the walls of the pipe and causes problems. Although you think that by using various chemical and even mechanical means you can eliminate this defect yourself – this is a misconception.

It often happens that on that occasion we additionally damage the pipes. By using the wrong or invasive chemicals, we can accidentally cause the pipes to become porous or damaged. If you do this work mechanically but unprofessionally, the pipe may even burst, which will lead to an even bigger problem.

This is not acceptable and for that reason always hire a reliable plumber. If you live in big cities like Adelaide or a suburb like Glenelg, it is sometimes difficult to find a free plumber. Still, don’t rush and call anyone, but focus on reliable plumbing companies.

2. Installation Of Bathtubs Or Shower Cabins

Reliable installation of a bathtub or shower cabin is of great importance. Therefore you shouldn’t be doing it yourself. Installation must be of good quality to avoid problems that may arise later.

The main guidelines in the case of installing a bathtub and shower cabin are that first of all it is necessary to prepare well the place where the bathtub or shower cabin will be installed. The biggest problem with the fast and low-quality installation is the appearance of water during and after bathing.

3. Frozen Pipes

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In the coldest days of winter, the worst are water pipes in which the water is under pressure. When the fluid freezes, it expands. Plus, if the water is under pressure in the pipes, you can expect the bursting of the frozen pipe. New plastic pipes are even more susceptible to cracking if they freeze. Defrosting pipes is a slow process, it is important to know that. Be patient.

Extreme attention should be paid to where the water and sewage installations are located. Also, it is important what weather conditions they are exposed to, in this case, low temperatures. If they are outside, they must be protected with pipe insulation materials.

4. Repair Or Replacing The Water Heater

If you notice that the water heater is not working you should call a boiler professional as soon as possible. The plumber will inspect the water heater in detail and will quickly determine what the problem is and how to solve it. If the condition of the water heater is good – the plumber will suggest a solution to eliminating the fault that is causing the problem.

Sometimes there are situations when the problem is not solved due to the comprehensive dilapidation of the entire boiler. Then the best and cheapest solution is to buy a new water heater.

5. Valve Replacement

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First of all, valves can be in inaccessible places. They can only be accessed if you have the right tools, and most ordinary people do not have them. If such a valve bursts and water flows out of it, then it is clear to you why they are said to be small bombs. Then you get to the problem, because the water moistens everything in order, so everything turns into panic and emergency intervention.

Also, the installation of the valve should be done by a professional and periodically perform an inspection throughout the house, so you can see what condition they are in. When you keep it all under control, then you can be calm, because you have done everything in your power to ensure safety from some unwanted situations that can be caused by water.


Why is it better to call plumbers than the DIY option? The reason is that they will notice what you do not see. For example, valves are known to be like the little bombs we have all over the house, and to pose a potential danger if they are damaged. We can’t even approach some of them if we don’t have adequate tools, let’s say for the valves in the wall.

Also, plumbers often intervene when it comes to various congestions and blockages, etc. All these interventions and many others are available to you when you call professionals. They have the knowledge, the tools, and their work is reliable. When you use the DIY option you can never be sure enough.