Max-Out Effects of Out of Home Marketing


Traditional out-of-home (OOH) marketing methods have been commonplace for ages. These types of marketing methods include things like static billboards, outdoor furniture advertising, or transportation ads. This type of advertising has been known to be an effective way to gain attention around a product or service.

However, as technology advances digital out of home media (DOOH) has started taking over the advertising world. If you are looking to increase your brand’s visibility, then read ahead for everything you need to know about effective digital out of home marketing.

What is Digital Out of Home Media?


Digital out of home media takes advantage of highly populated public spaces to help your product or service gain traction. The digital element takes this form of advertising to the next level by allowing for more personalized and interactive content. This content can also be updated in real time so you are able to provide the most current and up to date information to your potential audience. You can choose to display a rotation of static images, or you can include animated or flashy content to help draw the eyes. Let’s take a look at the different types of digital out of home media advertising.

Types of Digital Out of Home Advertising


There are a few different methods that digital advertisers like to use when advertising in public spaces. Here are the top three methods of digital out-of-home advertising.

Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are similar in size, shape, and location to a standard billboard, but they instead include an LED screen that has the capability to rotate multiple images or display animated content. They are best placed in highly visible areas such as along highways or near sports stadiums and are known to be one of the most effective ways to attract attention to an ad.

There are roughly over 61,000 digital billboards being run nationwide right now and there’s a good reason for that. We know that animated content receives around five times more viewers than static content. So it’s no surprise that more businesses than ever are looking to switch to digital billboards to showcase their product or service.

Digital Spectaculars

This is the type of advertising that you will see in places like Times Square or the Las Vegas Strip. These are just a few well-known examples of these over-the-top advertising displays. The digital spectacular is characterized by its large-scale digital displays.

This type of ad differs from the digital billboard as they can include custom lighting and audio or even social media integrations. This type of display allows for a wide variety of design elements so don’t be afraid to get really creative with these.

Advertising Trucks

Advertising trucks come in several different forms. They can feature static content or digital content using the same LED lighting that a digital billboard would use. This type of advertising can cover a lot of ground seeing as how your ad will be constantly on the move.

While static ads on trucks are not known to be the most efficient form of advertising, the inclusion of a digital screen can make all the difference. Advertising trucks with digital screens get a lot of attention as they parade your message through the streets, making them an effective form of DOOH advertising.

Best Locations for Digital Advertising


When it comes to large-scale digital advertising, large cities like New York, Chicago or Los Angeles are always going to be great options for national campaigns. However, digital ads can be found in just about any city.

Digital spectaculars are definitely more for places like New York or Vegas, but digital transportation ads or digital billboards can work in just about any city. The key is making sure your ad space is in a high traffic area that sees thousands of people passing by each day. Locations along highways, near shopping centers, sports stadiums, or even universities are ideal spots to put a digital billboard.

Also, don’t forget to consider the demographic you are looking to target when considering a location for an ad. The type of people who will see your ad in a college town differ greatly from those who will see it in the upscale or business districts in your city of choice.


Design Tips

When designing a digital ad, you are most likely going to want to outsource the design to an advertising agency that specializes in digital design. Some businesses will be able to design their own ad depending on their in-house design capabilities, but for everyone else consulting with a specialist is going to be the best way to ensure that the ad you decide to display is effective.

Once you have your design locked in you are ready to start showing your digital advertising to the world. However, the excitement that your ad will create for your business is what you will really be looking forward to!