Signs Your Residential Grease Trap Needs to Be Cleaned


Grease is a lubricant used in machinery, but this is not the grease discussed here; grease is an abbreviation for the residue of fats collected in sewers. The most common place where a grease trap is used is the sink as it disposes the dirty water into the different pipes, so if the solid fats and residue are pushed through the pipe, it will surely clog the pipe.

So a grease trap is a plumbing device placed within the connection pipes, so all the residue is stored in that device. There are various advantages of using a grease trap, and they are listed below.

1. Hygienic

The topmost priority of any household is hygiene. To maintain it, you need to focus on waste management, and the grease trap makes it easier to manage solid waste disposal, which moves along with water like leftovers on plates while cleaning dishes.

2. Solves solid waste in pipelines issue


Earlier, people never preferred pipelines because they would be blocked by the solid waste collected in them. Still, you can solve this issue with the help of grease traps which make it easier to manage solid waste.

3. Prevents clogging

According to Denver Grease Trap Services, clogging is one of the major concerns in any household, and a grease trap prevents it, so it is the most useful plumbing device which can be equipped in a home.

So users need to make sure that they clean their grease traps, but how will they know they need grease cleaning, so in this article, we have discussed some signs that can indicate that grease traps require cleaning.

4. Foul Smell


When the leftovers and other fats get collected in a grease tank for longer periods, they start rotting, and this ends up with a foul smell that travels through pipelines to ensure home.

This foul smell can impact your image in front of your guests, so you need to make sure that this foul smell is eliminated.

5. Draining

The pipelines are very useful as they make it easier to manage water movement all across the house. Still, when the grease tank needs a cleaning, the water draining becomes slower, and thus it takes comparatively more time for water to move down.This leads to water clogging and thus stagnant water which can be breeding ground to various diseases and insects.

6. Water clogging


Water clogging is a serious issue because it results in many diseases when the dirty water gets collected. This dirty water results as the breeding ground for various mosquitoes.

This water clogging issue is mostly noticed in the bathrooms as the flush won’t work because water won’t be able to move easily through the system.

The signs mentioned above are some of the major signs of grease trap cleaning, so when you see such signs, it means that it is a red flag, and you need to clean the grease trap.