What’s the Difference Between Brick and Concrete Paving Stones

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Both brick and concrete paving stones are in high demand among homeowners who want to build walkways or patios with a specific look in mind. While some people are inclined towards brick paving stones, others lean towards concrete. The difference is largely based on personal preference. Knowing the details about the difference between concrete and brick pavements will help you make a well-informed decision if you have to choose between the two.

Brick Paving Stones

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Brick paving stones are made with clay as the base material, which is then baked for curing. There are different shapes and patterns available in which you can decorate your pathway, but the word brick in itself can be misleading. Check the product if you are getting bricks and not concrete ones.

Why go for Brick Paving Stones?

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There is a whole list of reasons why many homeowners lean towards brick stones. These include:

• A more rustic look: Bricks have been used in many construction projects simply because of how they look. Brick pavements give the impression of walking along a timeless path, while concrete will often seem more dated as time passes.

• Retains colour: You do not have to engage in strict maintenance of the pavement for the stones to keep their color. The bricks will resist degradation from walking and retain their look as it was when the bricks were installed. It also makes bricks the more durable choice as compared to concrete. Even if they chip or break, they will hold onto their place while concrete simply weathers away.

• Sustainable: Anything made of natural materials is automatically an eco-friendly alternative in front of an option that contributes nothing to sustainability. They can also be reused in case of a renovation.

Concrete Paving Stones

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Concrete paving stones are a versatile choice which is why they are in high demand. There are many shapes in which it can be molded and then cured. With Corpus Christi Concrete Paving, your home can have a unique appeal of your own. They offer a wide range of pigmentation, and customization is far easier with concrete paving stones than with bricks.

Why go for Concrete Paving Stones?

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Concrete paving stones have their own set of advantages that brick stones cannot match.

Here are some of them:

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• The economical choice: Bricks may be durable, but they are also more expensive. If you have to cover a wider area, then there might be a possibility that the paving stones will go out of your budget.

• Variety: If you are a fan of being unique, then choosing a custom shape for concrete paving stones might be the more appealing option for you.

The Takeaway

It might be understood by now if a factor is an advantage with bricks, it might be a drawback with concrete and vice versa. It all boils down to your vision and your personal decision. Both the stones will give a different look to your pavement, so choosing either of them will be a safe bet.