4 Ways to Know When a Grease Trap Needs to Be Cleaned

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Whether you have a grease trap in your restaurant or if you have one in your home, ask yourself, when was the last time you’ve cleaned it? If you cannot answer this question, then this is the first sign that you must clean it as soon as possible, especially since if not, it could pose a huge fire and health hazard. To make it easier for you to learn if you need to clean it, here are the top 4 things that you can check to determine what you need to do:

1. Terrible And Unpleasant Odors

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One of the first and most common signs that your grease trap is extremely dirt is if it releases terrible and unpleasant smells. After all, the fat, oil, and grease will start to decompose at some point, which is when bacteria is released. This causes those nasty smells and in some situations, they could end up generating some form of heat. This is a fire and health hazard, and if you own a restaurant, your customers won’t want to sit down and eat while being able to smell the odor, thus, it could cause a loss of revenue for you.

2. Problems With The Drainage System

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If you noticed that the water in your sink drains quite slowly, this is also one of those signs that you need to maintain your grease trap either by yourself or with the help of a professional cleaning company. If your grease trap system is functioning properly, your water delivery and disposal system will function properly too, thus, if you’re experiencing any forms of drainage problems, your grease trap might be completely full.

3. Issues With Your Bathroom

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A lot of restaurant owners and homeowners don’t realize that their dirty grease trap could influence all the other plumbing systems in their homes or eateries. This means that it could easily affect the toilet’s ability to fill and flush properly, and it could also be causing problems with the water pressure. Hence, investing your money into hiring Indianapolis Grease Trap Services could be the most important thing you could do to ensure that your entire plumbing system operates as it should.

4. If There is Oil And/or Grease in Unexpected Places

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Did you start finding oil and/or grease in unexpected places? If so, there is a high possibility that your grease trap system is entirely clogged, which means that the accumulated oil and fat could end up escaping through a wide range of openings, including your sewer and water pipes, sinks, toilers, and other locations that you wouldn’t want to be greasy. So, if you’ve noticed that grease has appeared at some places, call a professional cleaning company as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your house or restaurant.


No matter what sign or signs you notice first, the most important thing you could do in any of the aforementioned situations is to either clean the grease trap by yourself or call a professional company that’ll do it instead of you. Besides preventing fires and health problems, doing so will also ensure that you aren’t held liable if a fire breaks out – something that has cost people and businesses thousands of dollars.