4 Signs Your Commercial Kitchen Hood Should Be Cleaned

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Cleaning the kitchen hood so that all the impurities are removed is an important responsibility that cannot be neglected. If the hoods keep building up grease and other impurities, the chances of the area catching fire drastically increase. Setting up a cleaning schedule is one of the things that can help you with keeping your kitchen hood clean. To help you further, here are some signs to tell you when it is time to clean your commercial kitchen hood:

1. You Smell Something

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Unwanted smells in the kitchen rarely mean anything good. You will have to get the hood cleaned if you smell an odor coming from it. With impurities and fat accumulation, the smoke filtration is adversely affected. This leads to the smell from the smoke lingering. The dirt and grease attached to the surface are causing an odor. This is a clear sign that your kitchen hood is becoming a fire hazard and desperately needs to be cleaned.

2. It is Getting Heated

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A rise in temperature with machines is a result of over-exhaustion. In the case of a kitchen hood, it means that the setup is working harder than necessary and getting excessively hot in the process. Oversaturation can cause smells and smoke to linger longer than necessary.

3. The Exhaust is Not Working

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The exhaust hood will not stop working. It will stop working as efficiently as it used to do.

The main purpose behind an exhaust is to let the smoke out of the kitchen without causing any suffocation in the kitchen or the rest of the house. If you have been using kitchen hoods for a while, you can notice the change when smoke starts to linger each time you cook.

If you feel unease with cooking and often find yourself coughing, consider it a sign to contact Oahu Hood Cleaning to get your kitchen hood commercially cleaned. The reason why this might be happening is because of clogging or the accumulation of dust. You can choose to do some preliminary cleaning yourself as a temporary fix, but commercial cleaning is always a better bet.

4. It is Not As It Was Before

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An extension of the point mentioned above, you will notice small signs that the kitchen hood is losing its efficiency over continued use. Usually, the manufacturer recommends a time for the cleaning when you are purchasing a hood. While a new one will work more efficiently for a longer period, there will still come a time for cleanup. If you feel it is not functioning as well as before, it is a sign for a cleaning.

The Takeaway

A good thorough commercial cleaning will easily make your kitchen feel open and fresh again. Maintenance and cleaning are essential aspects, so whenever you feel like there is too much dirt and grease to be handled on your own, do not be afraid to contact experts.

Paying attention to the signs for cleaning your kitchen hood is important for your home’s environment and your safety.