What Is a VPS and Why You Should Consider Paying for It Using Bitcoin

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In this digital age, where information rules over every aspect of our daily lives, many new technologies are being developed faster than ever before. It was not that long ago when the myth of cryptocurrencies became a reality. Even since the incredible meteoric rise of Bitcoin, many other cryptocurrencies have started to emerge, all hoping to topple the invincible giant often labeled as the ‘the original’. And while many others have tried to capitalize on this trend, none have successfully managed to dethrone Bitcoin from its reign.

Because of this constant increase in value and relative stability, Bitcoin is starting to be accepted as an unconventional transaction-making procedure by companies worldwide and hosting providers are no different due to the advantages that can be utilized by Bitcoin payments. Therefore, in this article we are going to focus on why you should definitely consider investing in finding a provider that offers both VPS services and Bitcoin as an alternative payment method for them.

What is a VPS and what are hosting providers?

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A VPS, short for a virtual private server, is a type of hosting that makes use of virtualization technology to set up a virtual machine on a given server with its own unique resources, which can be independently managed by the owner. This description sounds quite bulky, right? Well in order to make sense of all this information, we firstly need to define what a hosting provider essentially is. Let’s say you want to launch a unique website and you want it to be available to everyone around the globe.

However, before it can be made accessible to the public, your website needs to be hosted first. In super simple terms, a hosting provider can be defined as a designated company that will upload your website and its content to one of its servers and attach a specific URL, short for uniform resource locator, to it in order for your website to be capable of being indexed by search engines and their crawlers. This is how your website, be it an online store or a personal blog, becomes available to anyone on the Web.

Are there other types of hosting?

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Yes, there are many different hosting types from a VPS that you could potentially choose from with each providing you with divergent features and functions for the appropriate monetary price. Shared hosting is the cheapest choice you can go for due to the limited features that it has, combined with the fact that you would also need to share the server resources with other websites.

This, consequently, means that if one website on the server sees a sudden dramatic increase in traffic, the other websites on the same server will be negatively impacted.

Dedicated server hosting, on the other hand, offers you a ton of customization options, features and completely personalized resources due to the fact that you are occupying the entire server by yourself. However, this is also the most expensive type of hosting and it is typically used only by huge ecommerce companies or large-scale service providers.

Why is a VPS the best option?

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A VPS combines the best of both worlds. Virtual private servers are also located on one server, however, they are uniquely separated, with each VPS having its own unique resources, removing the need to share them with others. To illustrate this simply – it is like owning or renting a flat in an apartment block – you gain a personal place with your own rooms and furniture that other residents do not have access to. A VPS is also the best choice due to its incredible ability to scale.

When purchasing a hosting plan, you are often limited to the provided resources of the plan itself, meaning that you can potentially pay more for resources that you might end up not using. On the other hand, your hosting plan might also limit you from purchasing additional resources should your website see a rise in traffic and popularity. This is why a VPS is the ultimate solution as you can invest in what you would initially need and expand afterwards by buying additional resources if necessary.

Furthermore, with a VPS you gain the ability to personally manage every aspect of your server including its processing power, active memory and storage medium. Additionally, you are also presented with complete root access, which allows you to download, manage and install additional software or applications that can further help you manage your server and your website along with all of its content.

Why should you pay for a VPS with Bitcoin?

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As mentioned before, using Bitcoin to pay for goods and services is currently becoming more and more prominent and prevalent. However, in the case of VPS servers like those of VPSBG, there are a number of additional benefits with regards to security and privacy.

Firstly, being able to pay for your server with any cryptocurrency can be advantageous for anyone who does not have access to traditional payment methods, be it because of geographical location or any other imposed limitations.

Secondly, once a payment is made with Bitcoin, it is securely encrypted and stored in the blockchain, which results in discreet, but not anonymous, payments. Furthermore, given that the blockchain keeps track of every transaction ever made, you can easily use a blockchain explorer to check all of your payments.

Thirdly, due to the fact that Bitcoin cannot be regulated by a central entity and that only a certain amount of the cryptocurrency can exist in the world at any given time, there is no risk of inflation developing. Moreover, payments can be conducted through a mobile device, meaning that you would not need a special computer or laptop, just your phone and an internet connection.

Finally, and most importantly, you do not need to pay a substantial amount of money in fees to conduct an international transaction, which could potentially even save you money should you need to pay monthly for your servers internationally.

Should you invest in a VPS that can be paid with Bitcoin?

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The simple answer is yes. Going for a scalable VPS can bring you much more benefits if you are unsure of how you want to manage your website or the amount of traffic it will get.

Additionally, due to the security and privacy, combined with the ability to make cheap international payments, you should definitely consider going for a VPS that can be paid for using Bitcoin.