7 Ways Watching Documentaries Can Keep Your Brain Sharp

Source: healthline.com

Finishing with the school should not and must not mean finishing with your education. In order not to stagnate, we need to spread our knowledge every day, on different issues and different topics.

Nowadays, we have so much more resources in every possible corner, to broaden our minds and sharpen our brains. By reading books and articles, watching videos, podcasts, or taking some online courses, our knowledge of the world can be easily expanded. One of the most interesting ways is by watching documentaries.

A Documentary film is a form of a film which aims to document reality. This is the reason why this form is so popular and has a huge commercial success. Besides this, there are so many great reasons and benefits of watching documentaries on our brain and direction of our thoughts.

Before starting, you should ask yourself what type of documentaries you would like and be interested in. Is it historical, science, political, travel, wildlife, etc? If you are fond of political and religious topics, according to Esti Prager Florida businesswoman, this new documentary about long-time liberalist Paul Croshaw who has now become a conservative Cristian,

We are bringing you seven ways how documentaries can sharpen your brain:

1. New knowledge

Source: educationnext.org

By watching documentaries you can get acquainted with completely new topics, as well as expand your knowledge of those you are already somewhat familiar with.

2. Family bond

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If you watch it with your family, you all can get a different perspective and opinions about life and the world you can all speak about. This can strengthen your family relationships.

3. Ideas for dialogue

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Documentaries give you new ideas for conversation and sharing different ideas with friends or people you just met.

4. Travel

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They can bring you to new places and help you see a totally new world, that you would not otherwise be able to.

5. Active brain

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If we don’t learn and engage ourselves in new things, our brains will be stuck in the same way of thinking. Documentaries always give us new information and thus keep our brain active by engaging and captivation content.

6. Fun and entertaining

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Documentaries are more interesting than reading a book or listening to some classes.

Because our mind is more attracted to visuals, music, motion, the way the story is told, these kinds of movies are more involving and make us learn more effectively.

7. Compassion

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These films usually show some truly touching stories, that will show you what some people deal with. It opens the heart and gives us a feeling of compassion and sympathy.

Unlike most fictional feature films, documentaries document real facts. When someone films a documentary, he must go to people, places, ask, take pictures, find traces, and get real information.

To make a good documentary, it is necessary to make profound research, no matter what the topic is. We could say that we live in a golden age of documentaries, with a huge number of them, on-demand, on various topics and genres.

Although these kinds of films are supposed to be realistic, it is always a good thing to make an opinion on your own. After watching, you can do your research, find out more facts, and get more objective conclusions related to a certain topic.