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With a sex scandals and a divorce in the rear view, there is no better time for Sarah Ferguson. She has been named as the Duchess of York’s representative in the search for Prince Andrew’s replacement. Although it has not been confirmed she will be taking on the role, Sarah has already been named by sources as a candidate to replace the late Princess Diana. The BBC reports that the Duchess is meeting potential candidates and will later make a final decision.

Sarah Ferguson has been married to the Duke of York since 1986. The pair have three children and have been married for more than 30 years.

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, has been dating 37-year-old George Simpson for the past few months. After spending time with the British former tennis professional, Duchess Sarah has since decided to see him more seriously. It appears the Duchess may be on a mission to find a new husband who can go head to head with Prince Andrew! The couple are believed to be heading to the South of France for a long-term romance. We won’t hold our breath on this one, however.. Read more about princess sarah ferguson and let us know what you think.

Sarah FergusonShows about the Royal Family The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, has shown that she is just like the rest of us. Sarah has shown that she, like the rest of us, enjoys fantasizing about wonderful things happening to us as a result of anything we’ve done, whether it’s releasing a song, a book, or simply a tweet these days. You can’t be too old or too famous to wish for the future, can you?

The Duchess of York has already decided who would play the ideal beautiful guy in the feature film adaptation of her first book, Her Heart for a Compass, which debuted on August 3. Here’s her image of the ideal Scottish lover, who she believes would complement her fiery heroine’s personality.

Sarah Ferguson Discusses Her Debut Romance Novel’s Film Adaptation Plans

The Duchess of York released her Mills & Boon romance book, Her Heart for a Compass, earlier this month. The fictional novel is inspired by the life of her great-great-aunt, Lady Margaret Montagu Douglas Scott.

The book is set in the Victorian period and is centered on Lady Margaret’s forbidden and intense love for her Scottish lover David Cameron, whom she wishes to marry despite her father’s vehement opposition.

Sarah has already signed another book contract with publishers and is contemplating a movie adaptation after the book got a lot of bad reviews when it first came out last Tuesday.

On Monday, the 61-year-old Duchess of Windsor went on Loose Women from Windsor Castle to discuss the publication of her book. She also took a detour to discuss her desire to see the novel adapted for television, as well as making recommendations for who would be the ideal actor to play the leading man.

Fergie remarked, “I think Colin Firth is simply amazing.” “I adore Aidan Turner and James Norton, but Aidan Turner has to take the top position for me right now.”

The Duchess collaborated on her new novel with romance writer Marguerite Kaye, and she praised their collaborative efforts for offering a kind of “escapism” throughout the epidemic.

Sarah stated, “She gave me the ability to go into 1870 and go on this wonderful path of pursuing your own voice and power.” “She and I would rehearse each phrase together. It’s a little raunchy, but we leave a lot to the reader’s imagination.”

“There are numerous similarities with my own life experience, which is one of the luckiest life stories there is,” she replied when asked whether her protagonist had anything in common with her. Every day, I wake up and think, “I’m so fortunate, I’m lucky,” and I turn to joy, pushing uncertainty to the back of my mind. In the novel, there are so many similarities with my life.”

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Sarah Opens Up About Co-Parenting With Prince Andrew in Royal Family News

Sarah’s ex-husband, Prince Andrew, resigned from royal responsibilities in 2019 as a result of a controversy involving his connection with convicted Pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. While Sarah complimented her ex-husband for being a wonderful guy and a good father, she dismissed the idea of the two rekindling their relationship.

Sarah said, “Oh my goodness, me.” “You’re all from a storybook, and you’ve all got your wands out!” What I like about Andrew and myself is that we have stayed consistent in our previous co-parenting and now grandparenting roles.”

“I feel some FOMO because he is such a wonderful grandpa; he is so good with August, he is such a nice guy, and it is so lovely to spend time with family,” she added.

Sarah and Prince Andrew divorced four years after their six-year marriage ended in 1992. The couple still lives together at the Royal Lodge and co-parents their now-adult children.

Princess Eugenie gave birth to her first child in August, and Princess Beatrice is expected to give birth later this year, making the Duke and Duchess of York grandparents for the first time.

The Duchess described Andrew as a “very wonderful father” last week, claiming that they “very successfully” co-parented their children.


During an interview on Lorraine, she stated, “Prince Andrew is just such a nice guy, he’s a really genuinely good dude.” He’s a really kind guy, and he’s a fantastic father, and we did a fantastic job of co-parenting, which is why our daughters are so grounded.”

She also complimented her husband on his grandparenting skills, adding, “But now as a grandfather, he’s very amazing, he can go for hours talking about football, and those kinds of things.” It’s wonderful to watch him shine as a grandpa.’

Despite the fact that Sarah and Andrew have been divorced for more than 20 years, their continuing closeness has sparked rumors that they may reconcile.

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