5 Best Rosamund Pike Performances You Need to Watch

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Rosamund Pike is a famous Hollywood actress who was born in London. Since her childhood, she was so fond of acting that she started playing stage roles like Romeo Juliet, Skylight, etc.

In 1998, she made her debut in a television show named “A Rather English Marriage.” Today, in this article, we will be talking about some of her incredible performances that you must not forget to watch.

1. Die another day:

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Rosamund made her film debut in the James Bond movie Die Another Day in 2002. It is the film that introduced Pike to the general public.

This movie was a box office hit, and she even won the Empire award for the best debut performance. This film even got her name in the nomination for the Saturn Awards.

Therefore, if you haven’t watched her first movie yet, it is time for you to do so now.

2. Promised land:

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Another famous work of Rosamund includes Promised Land, which was released in 2004. It is a French-Israeli movie, and she starred alongside Hanna Schygulla and Diana Bespechni.

This movie is all about the struggle for freedom of women smuggled from East European countries to Israel to work as prostitutes. Rosamund comes as a hope for these women to get free from their misery.

3. Hostiles:

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Hostiles is one of the most popular hits of Rosamund, in which her co-star was Christian Bale. This movie was directed by the famous director Scott J. Cooper. The movie revolves around an Army captain who has agreed to save the Cheyenne chief and his family, bringing all of them to their native country.

Rosamund plays the role of a frontier woman named Rosalie Quaid. If you want to learn about Scott Cooper Miami Beach director’s new project, you must check it out immediately. The concept is that youngsters are the world’s most prominent regular asset, and we must pay attention to this valuable asset to make the world a better living place for all.

4. Gone girl:

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In 2014, Pike played one of the two fundamental jobs, the thrill ride Gone Girl. Her exhibition was acclaimed by crowds, just as critics, acquiring her few honors. On his fifth wedding commemoration, Nick Dunne, played by Ben Affleck, reports the vanishing of his better half, Amy.

Under the pressure of the police and the frenzy of the media, the picture of the two starts to disintegrate. Rapidly, Nick’s falsehoods and his weird conduct lead everybody to pose a similar inquiry: did he kill his better half?

5. I care a lot:

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If you are a Netflix fan, you must have watched or at least of this famous movie “I care a lot,” in which Pike played Marla Grayson, a well-known tutor. It is a comedy movie, and Pike even received the award for the best actress for it.

To Sum Up

Rosamund has given Hollywood many great performances, and the above list of movies will give you a glimpse of it. She is undoubtedly young and an aspiring actress. If you have been looking to watch some of her best movies, check out the recommendations mentioned above.