Wondering how to be more sustainable at home? Just ask Alexa.

Most people are not aware that their smart speaker can also help them think more sustainably, and it starts with asking Alexa​. Consider these four simple ways that you can use your Echo to reduce your environmental footprint: 1.) Chromecast with Amazon Video 2.) Voice Control with Alexa 3.) Alexa as a Smart Home Lighting Control Center 4.) Ask Alexa to Help You Save Energy

The average American family spends more than $6,000 on their home annually, while the average condo costs $230,000, and the average single-family home costs $250,000. With these kinds of numbers, it’s no surprise that many people want to make their homes more sustainable, but how?

I’m always trying to be more sustainable at home, and I’ve been making it a priority lately. I’m a fan of Alexa, the intelligent personal assistant that comes with an Amazon Echo smart speaker. She is currently powered by the Alexa Voice Service, which is an open API for developers to build voice applications and control devices with their voice.. Read more about sustainable living and let us know what you think.

Edith Bowman, a radio DJ, TV presenter, and sustainability campaigner, is the new face of E.ON Sustainable Home.

Talk to Edith about how you can make small changes in your house to make it more sustainable…

E.ON, a renewable energy supplier, has developed an interactive skill on Amazon Alexa to teach us how to be more environmentally friendly at home.

The following are some of the topics that are linked to living sustainably:

  • Why is it essential to be environmentally conscious at home?
  • How to make your house more environmentally friendly
  • What is the best way to be sustainable at various times of the year?
  • How to be environmentally friendly in various areas of your house
  • What are the most environmentally friendly options for your home?

Wondering how to be more sustainable at home? Just ask Alexa.

‘Alexa, open E.ON’s Sustainable Home,’ says the voice assistant.

During lockdown, many of us have adopted more sustainable practices into our routine. Alexa users may get free suggestions and guidance from radio DJ, TV presenter, and sustainability advocate Edith Bowman simply asking, “Alexa, open E.ON’s Sustainable Home.”

What if I told you that

  • Almost half of Britons said they don’t have time to think about how to live a more sustainable life.
  • Sixty-nine percent (59%) said they want to learn more about how to live more sustainably.
  • Two-thirds of Britons (66%) are worried that the sustainable habits they’ve developed as a result of the shutdown will become less of a priority.

Wondering how to be more sustainable at home? Just ask Alexa.

Edith Bowman, a passionate supporter of sustainable living, stated, “I am pleased to be collaborating with E.ON to assist deliver sustainability guidance straight into people’s homes.”

“It is critical that we take responsibility for the environment in which we live, and when we all begin to leave our houses more often, it is critical that we continue to practice the good sustainability habits we have established over the last year.  

“Working on this campaign with E.ON has been a fantastic opportunity to learn more about sustainable home solutions like energy-efficient boilers, smart meters, and heat pumps, all of which are excellent steps toward living a more sustainable life.”

Wondering how to be more sustainable at home? Just ask Alexa.

By 2050, the United Kingdom is expected to be Net-Zero.

The event takes place in conjunction with the publication of E.ON’s Carbon Countdown Road to 2030 study, which will help us all understand how to achieve the UK’s net-zero objectives. When they are not at home, almost a third say they turn off lights when they are not in the room (39%) and turn off the heating during the day (35 percent ).

“We realize that when the world slowly returns to normal and people start going out and about more, being sustainable at home may become less of a priority for some,” said Michael Lewis, CEO of E.ON UK. However, we must guarantee that sustainability stays at the top of everyone’s priority list, and that all of the positive habits and intentions that many of us have developed over the past year are maintained.

Visit eonnext.com to learn more about E.ON Next’s 100 percent renewable power, and eonenergy.com to learn more about how to be sustainable at home and other sustainable alternatives.

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