5 Popular Applications from Indonesia by The Nation’s Children

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Sometimes we only know that there are several popular applications Togel dingdong available on the apple store or play store made by people from abroad. In fact, there are several popular applications that have turned out to be made by the nation’s children, aka Indonesians. What are the popular applications from Indonesia that won high ratings on the AppStore and Play store? we will see the complete information below.

Popular Applications from Indonesia

Penetrating the most popular application words is not something easy. Because it competes with several products and also works that are used by many people in Indonesia. Including people around the world, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, line, Instagram applications and so on. But it turns out that there are also tablets of people in Indonesia who have succeeded in making achievements by writing works, namely products or applications that are apparently liked by many Indonesians and even foreign citizens living in Indonesia.

1. Gojek

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The go-jek or go-ojek application is a very good breakthrough Togel dingdong in that this application is almost the same as uber available abroad. But because the use of motorbikes in Indonesia is very much, it exceeds the use of cars. So this Gojek application is here to be able to meet the needs of the Indonesian people, in the midst of their very high mobility.

Not to mention for those of you who live in big cities, of course, using the Gojek application is very easy because you only need to order a motorbike online. You can be delivered to your destination. In addition, Gojek is also trying to develop applications or features that they have.

Starting from go-food or purchasing food, go-car or online car collaboration, go-send for express delivery. So it doesn’t take more than a day or two and so on. This application has even become one of the applications favored by many foreign citizens living in Indonesia.

2. Indonesian Quran

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Indonesia is popular as one of the countries with the majority of Muslims in the world. So that the development of applications based on religion is also quite a lot, one of which is the online Quran. There are several popular applications that are often used by the people of Indonesia, as a way to be able to read the holy book anywhere and anytime.

Not only Indonesians use it, but also many foreign Muslims who are Muslim who take advantage of several Qur’anic applications released by Indonesian children. The good thing is that in some Indonesian Quran applications there is a Qibla and also an offline feature, which can be used to help save the surah on the cellphone.

3. Kaskus

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Who doesn’t know the Kaskus application? One of the popular applications from Indonesia is no longer a secret created by the nation’s children who are studying abroad. Almost all features in the Kaskus forum can be seen and enjoyed and even copied by several other Kaskus applications themselves. It started out as a very simple information page. However, over time it has been developed into a forum application for discussion and is very proud of the community in Indonesia.

4. My dictionary

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Who among you still uses you as a guide to be able to interpret foreign language words into Indonesian, or vice versa. One of the applications is my dictionary.

Kamusku application is an application to translate English to Indonesian or vice versa which is the simplest and is considered the easiest to use. This popular application from Indonesia is in fact made by young people in Indonesia and you can use it for free without the need to pay.

5. Round Tofu Game

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Finally, the application should not be missed and entered into one of the applications that was released or even popular, namely the round tofu game. Games Togel dingdong that are lifted from real sellers of round tofu traders in Indonesia is very popular or popular. Not only Indonesian people but various parts of the world.

Those are some popular applications from Indonesia that were made directly by the nation’s children and there are even several other applications that have managed to reach millions of downloads. So that proves that this application is not a playful application that can be used on both Android and iPhone cellphones. So you still don’t believe in the results or work products that are Indonesian Dingdong Casino.