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Maddi Alduntzin is the beautiful, stylish wife of Argentine footballer, Yuri Berchiche. The couple tied the knot in 2010, and two years later, Maddi gave birth to their daughter, Becky. Since then, Maddi has been a woman of many hats, being a business woman, a social media maven, and an Instagram sensation. During her time with Berchiche, she has experienced many memorable events, including his 2012 World Cup victory and a world record-breaking performance at the 2014 World Cup.

Maddi Alduntzin is the wife of Eduardo Berchiche, a professional football player who plays for FC Barcelona. Being both talented and beautiful, she’s used to being in the spotlight. Maddi met the footballer while working as an architect who designed his house. She was his business partner, which proved to be a good decision as they got married in 2016.

Welcome to the story of Maddi Alduntzin! Here, we’ll run through her (many) ups and downs, her (many) transitions, and, most importantly, the (many) times she’s made us laugh.

Yuri Berchiche, a Brazilian footballer, is well-known in his own country for his exceptional abilities. For a long time, he has had someone who has backed him up. Maddi Alduntzin, who happens to be his wife, has come to prominence in the football world. Buckle up because there’s a lot to learn about this stunning, wonderful woman. Maddi was born and raised in Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain. She went to UPV/EHU and IES Usandizaga – Peaflorida – Amara BHI for her education. The topic in which she received her diploma, however, remains unknown.

Maddi Is Stunningly Beautiful

She has a slim, sleek physique that complements any clothing. Maddi often posts pictures of herself on her Instagram account. Her brown hair is glossy and frames her face in all the right places. Maddi like to wear her hair in beautiful styles and keeps it at a medium length. Her skin is beautiful, and she likes to maintain it via a good exercise regimen.

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She Enjoys Traveling

Maddi may go to other places anytime she wants since she is a WAG. She attends her husband’s football games and cheers him on from the stands. Maddi and her adored footballer husband spend a lot of time together on holidays, as shown by her Instagram page. The pair shares their beautiful photos on social media, much to the pleasure of their adoring followers. Check out her Instagram story highlights to see her and her family visiting exotic locations. Maddi seems to like beaches and exotic places, as shown by her Facebook and Instagram photos.

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She is a fashion and style enthusiast.

Maddi dresses up in a variety of trendy outfits and looks great in each one. She’s always had a beautiful physique and continues to work hard to keep it. Her healthy body, as previously said, allows her to appear beautiful in almost any situation. Maddi is a sucker for feminine details and patterns. Her sense of style indicates that she is well-versed in styling and modeling.

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Despite her ability to offer beautiful appearances, Maddi does not work as a model. Given her WAG status, she is unlikely to need to work. Her interest in aesthetics is not limited to clothes and jewelry; she enjoys all types of designs. Maddi will be ready to take a photo of a lovely home, beautifully presented cuisine, or stunning architecture.

Maddi considers her family to be the most important aspect of her life.

Maddi devotes the most of her time to caring for her children and assisting her spouse. She’s shared many highlights from her children’s stories, Luka and Martin. Maddi accompanies them everywhere and provides them with the finest life a parent can provide. Despite the footballer’s hectic schedule, she and Yuri both find time to spend with his family. Yuri has a great deal of regard for her, as shown by the fact that he never ignores her, no matter how difficult his job becomes.

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She prefers to keep her personal life private.

After Yuri’s celebrity grew, Maddi was slow to embrace social media. When she established an Instagram account, though, admirers fell in love with her right away. Maddi debuted her Instagram account on September 6, 2012, with a photo of herself snuggling with Yuri. She has steadily improved her style and creativity since then. Maddi does not disclose any intimate information about her life other than her devotion for her family.

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Maddi has a small yet prestigious circle of friends.

Maddi has made acquaintances with other celebrities as a result of her celebrity. It features high-profile models and other well-known WAGS from the football world. While following Yuri on his trips, Maddi is likely to meet up with football superstars on a frequent basis.

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Her Character Speaks for Itself

Passion and enthusiasm are the most prominent characteristics of her personality. Maddi is enthralled by life’s tiny, significant events. While Yuri is on the field, she utilizes her interests to keep herself happy and engaged. However, Maddi’s job status is unknown, so she might be a busy corporate queen bee.

Maddi is the greatest wife Yuri could have hoped for since she has been there for him through all of his career’s highs and lows. With her outgoing and modest demeanor, she is a beautiful lady capable of making anybody happy.

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