Solve and Prevent File Corruption in 4 Simple Steps – 2024 Guide

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Technology has long since been an integral part of our daily lives. From waking up in the morning, doing work and projects during the day, communicating with friends, and archiving files, there’s the presence of technology. As it keeps advancing, we are also getting more capable of doing things plus the convenience during the action.

However, technology is not without its imperfections. There are problems and technical issues that keep occurring in computers. File corruption, for instance, is bugging many people. Typically, they don’t know why their files got damaged and how to restore them to a working condition. You can continue reading at this website for more help.

Thanks to some developers, there are now many ways to repair your PDFs in a highly manageable manner. Stay tuned and get to know how to fix your damaged files and prevent file corruption from happening.

1. File corruption

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Before getting to know how to execute PDF repair, let’s first discuss what file corruption is and why it happens. A damaged file or corrupted file is one that suddenly becomes inoperable and unusable. They either don’t open correctly or don’t launch entirely. All files can be damaged files, including the PDFs in your archive.

2. Why does it happen?

File corruption happens for a variety of reasons. They might be things that you are in control of, while some can be unpredictable situations. For instance, a sudden power surge or outage might make your computer shut down improperly while working on some document. That may result in a damaged file when you turn your device on again.

Of course, just unplugging your computer without turning it off correctly is just the same as the previous example. Another reason might be an error while saving a particular file. Online threats like malware that you can acquire from the web can also damage your computer, and in turn, your files.

Incompatibility and outdated software may also be the culprit for being unable to open the file. This situation is relatively easy to solve as you only need to open the same file on another device. But, of course, the problems vary, and you might need to do some more steps to solve your problem.

3. Are there ways to prevent it?

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Yes, indeed. Though we have to admit that technology is imperfect despite it being so advanced, we also have to thank its features that allow us to prevent file corruption from occurring. Recall the situations for file damage that we have mentioned, and it would be pretty easy to derive some info about the preventive measures you can take. You can visit for more information this website.

First, ensuring electric supply is a clever idea that prevents your computer from shutting down suddenly. Of course, make turning off your computer correctly a habit. Second, updating your software is one of the things you can do to increase your protection from security issues and acquire the necessary features for files at present.

Third, installing malware protection makes you protected from viruses, spyware, and many other forms of malware that may damage your computer. Do not open emails from unknown sources, stay away from unsafe websites, and do not connect to public networks. Last, backing up your files in another storage (online or physical drive) ensures they (or at least copies of them) are safe.

4. What do I do with corrupted files?

Ease your worries about your damaged files as there’s still some hope to restore them. As a matter of fact, you can search for tools related to PDF repair online, and you’d find many websites that can do the job. We recommend using GogoPDF’s Repair PDF tool in saving your corrupted files for a couple of notable reasons.

The Repair PDF tool by GogoPDF is an online web service that is entirely free to use. It operates on tight security, quick processes, and seamless repairs. You can access the tool from any device without the need for any software downloads. It is a popular choice for its convenience, security, and efficiency! Follow these steps to repair your files.

  1. Go to GogoPDF.
  2. Upload your damaged files to the website.
  3. GogoPDF will attempt to repair your file automatically.
  4. Download your file once finished!

NOTE: GogoPDF will attempt to restore your file in the highest quality possible. However, there’s no guarantee that it can repair its entirety, as the repairable parts depend on how corrupted the file is.

Other solutions

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Using online tools to repair your damaged PDFs is perhaps the most convenient way to do it. You can finish the process in such a quick time while exerting almost zero effort. Of course, there are a lot of possibilities regarding your circumstances. For instance, you might be in a place where getting an internet connection is challenging.

Let’s say that your PDFs are corrupted. What you can do is restore previous versions of that PDF. Though it might not contain all the info of the original one, it would still be a better choice than starting from scratch.

If your files got damaged due to malware, resolve that problem first before restoring your PDF. In the case of bad updates, you can try uninstalling these new features or simply roll them back. If working with documents, you can try looking for autosaved versions of your file. These can seem common sense at first glance, but you might not be able to think of them in the situation itself.

Final thoughts

People are continuously advancing, and so is technology. Looking at this analogy, we can conclude that technology is not perfect, just as humans are. There exists bugs and issues within our computers that might compromise our files for a variety of reasons. One such example is file corruption.

External factors like malware, power outage, and even improper shutting down of your computer can result in file damage. Fortunately, there are many online tools that you can use for free to repair your PDF files. All it takes is just turning on your device, going to PDFBear’s Repair PDF tool, grabbing your files, and restoring them!