Which Dental Procedure Would Be Suitable For Missing Teeth – 2024 Guide

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A single missing tooth can have a significant effect on a person’s confidence. We express feelings of happiness and bliss by letting out genuine smiles and laughter. But imagine not being able to do it because you’re ashamed of something you don’t have? Well, don’t worry, there are existing procedures right now that can help you have your bright smiles back.

In VIPcare Dental, they offer a wide variety of affordable and quality dental procedures that will deal with oral cleaning and care and services that will help people struggling with missing teeth bring back their high self-esteem.

If you’re still searching for the perfect dental procedure for your teeth problems, we have listed some options that are guaranteed to be safe and effective.

Try having a Removable Partial Denture

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This procedure is done by filling out the missing area with removable and false teeth. These false teeth function the same way with a real tooth, and the client would then look like nothing has been missing, and his teeth would appear normal. It doesn’t take much time, and the placement will not feel uncomfortable as well. It’s the best option for someone who aims to fill the area of his missing teeth in a more pleasant and natural look.

The downside of this procedure, on the other hand, is that their durability isn’t that great compared to the more stable and long-term tooth implants. You can still use them for chewing, and they look natural when placed together with the other real teeth, but they can get pretty uncomfortable when used for more than the time advised by the dentist.

Dental Implants for a more lasting use

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As mentioned above, if you’re looking for a dental procedure for your missing teeth with better durability, dental implants are highly suggested. Like removable partial dentures, they feel and work like a real tooth. Still, compared to the removable denture, they’re more reliable when it comes to their sturdiness as they are deemed the most effective procedure for missing teeth. If provided with proper care, this dental procedure can even last a lifetime.

The replacement process might be a bit timely because dental implants really require going all the way down to a person’s tooth root and replacing it with sturdy screws to secure the sturdiness of the false teeth. It will also take time for your roots to heal your jaw so that the implanted materials may be manufactured. But, if you’re in it for the long haul, what’s a little extra waiting time for a lifetime of assurance?

Afraid to undergo surgery? Go for a Tooth-supported Bridge procedure

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If you want to have that natural-looking replacement tooth but are not yet ready for an implant, try the less complicated Tooth-supported bridge. Unlike the dental implant that goes all the way down and plants screws on both bridges of the teeth, this procedure is done by supporting an existing natural tooth and using it in placing a new bridge for the false teeth. Dentists will then place crowns to the teeth supporting the missing area and cement the false teeth in place after that.

Although you might need to visit your dental clinic for follow-ups, this dental procedure is still considered more affordable than dental implants. They don’t require a major surgery, so their healing time is relatively faster than having an implant. They also provide the natural feeling and appearance of a real tooth. So, if you’re planning on having your missing teeth replaced, but you’re a bit tight on the budget, consult your dentist with this process instead.

With these modern solutions, your smile can never be taken away again. Everyone can have their confidence back and live a happier and brighter life.