Who Is Helena Seger? The Unique Lovestory Of The Wife Of Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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Helena Seger is the beautiful wife of Milan star Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Today, Elena is best known for her husband. The couple never go beyond the media and manage to give everyone little glimpses into their lives, if not many. Helena Seger and Zlatan Ibrahimovic met in a parking lot in 2002, and four years later, in 2006, the couple had their first child.

What do we know about Helena Seger?

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Helena was born on the 25th. August 1970: born in Lindesberg, Sweden. She is a Swedish citizen and is part of a family of five children, including her parents and two younger siblings. Besides her commercial activities she designs models and embroiders fabrics. It was a combination of a subject that showed her aptitude for the fashion industry and also her interest in studying business administration. Because of her interest, she decided to become a model and work in the fashion industry. However, since she was also interested in marketing and sales, she tried in these areas and did well. She began her career at the age of 13 with Gul&Bla. She was a dedicated person and wanted to gain more experience in the field. So she started working with big companies like JC, Replay, Rabbit and Diesel. She worked for Bonner for three years as a saleswoman. After a few more years of experience at Corona and Hooch, Helena took courses in marketing, brand management and sales. Later, after graduation, Helena had the opportunity to work with Malaco Leaf and FlyMe. She started working at a young age and gained a lot of experience in marketing and sales. This then helped her establish herself as a successful businesswoman. Helena Seger is a well-known name in the fashion industry, she is also considered a businesswoman who is passionate about her work. There is no mention of why she chose this profession, but judging by the reports of her performance, she excelled at it as well.

How did the couple meet?

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Let’s talk about this duo, who are also considered a solid pair in their respective fields. Elena and Zlatan had an unconventional encounter in a parking garage, where the Milanese star was scolded by the lady for her parking skills. After their first unique interaction, they found each other by chance. This time, the couple got a real insight into each other’s personalities. Helena was 32 when she met the love of her life. She was eleven years older than Zlatan. Both had different professions and were very attached to them. But none of these factors stopped them from getting married. It was clear that the young man was in love with his chosen one and wanted to perpetuate the relationship as soon as possible. After the marriage, Helena was seen with Zlatan more and more often and accompanied him to matches abroad. She shares many photos encouraging her husband as he reaches the goal.

Fitness fanatic with age in one digit

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Helena Seger will be 51 years old in August 2024. But the lady has maintained her health over the years. This makes her a fitness enthusiast who sticks to a healthy diet and exercise program. She posts photos and videos of her fitness routine on social media. Businesswoman and former model, Helena Seger has quite an army of fans on Instagram and Facebook. But she’s not very active on social media. Although Helena and Zlatan love to share their photos, they also choose to keep some private for privacy reasons. Helena is now in Italy living with her family. She travels a lot for work, which reflects her busy schedule. She is an inspiration to many women who start slow but succeed through dedication and hard work. Even though she is now associated with a footballer, she has created her own identity and is still working hard to improve it. She is adored by her fans and her husband.