Who is Natalia Loewe? A Passionate Story About The Wife Of Alisson Becker

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This week we’re disrupting your bi-weekly tech blog posts with an exclusive interview with Natalia Loewe, the wife of Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson Becker. Natalia is the perfect example of a loving wife who is willing to sacrifice her own life for her beloved spouse. Natalia Loewe and her husband Alisson Becker are both Brazilian and both play for the same club, which is called São Paulo. The two were in a relationship before meeting and fell in love later on. The couple, who have two children, have been married for 12 years.

These days, Natalia has started her own blog where she takes us through her life as a wife of one of the world’s most high-profile soccer stars. Natalia Loewe is the wife of famous Liverpool star Alison Becker. She has been known to support her husband in his career. Keep reading the article for the best facts about the Liverpool player’s beautiful wife.

About Natalia Loewe – who is she?

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Natalya Loewe was born on 28. Born in December 1990. She was born in Italy, a country she loves. She is a very determined woman, according to her parents. Since childhood, Natalia was a very ambitious girl. Her parents mentioned many instances where she set a goal and worked hard to achieve it. It’s nice to know that Natalia has parents who are incredibly proud of her. They have supported her every step of the way, and this could positively prove the reason for Natalia’s close relationship with her family.

Natalia has said in her interviews that she had a happy childhood with fond memories of events like Christmas and Thanksgiving. It says a lot about the fun person she is. One of the unique features of her personality is the philosophy of life she adheres to. Although she is also passionate about her future, she is not too attached to the past or the future to come. She is a woman who likes to seize the opportunities that arise in the moment.

Geek? No… He is rather a devoted disciple

Natalia loves education and was an aspiring doctor. She has taken every opportunity to make her dreams come true. She studied at the Catholic University of Pelotas, Brazil. Natalia was a phenomenal student because she loves education. Today she works as a pediatrician and has the reputation she dreamed of and worked hard for as a child.

Where did the story go?

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Natalia and Allison Becker met in 2012. She was still a student and the player was a member of the youth team of the Brazilian club Internacional. At the time they met, both men were pursuing careers in their fields. But Allison Becker knew he would spend the rest of his life with Natalia. So after three years of dating, the wedding bells rang for the couple in 2015. They married and became the center of media attention at the time. But after the wedding, Natalia and Allison continued to work on their careers. As the footballer noted, Natalia has been his strongest asset in all the years they’ve been together. He appreciates her loyalty and admits that he had a crush on her as a teenager.

Minimalism is embedded in their relationships

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The couple is not very active on social media like most celebrities. Natalia usually keeps her head down on these platforms. She noted that it was difficult for her to get different feedback from people. Natalia had always preferred to keep her life private, and Alison was the same in that regard. The couple enjoys spending time together and with their adorable children. The footballer has been married for so many years and has always been inspired by his wife and her commitment to his wishes. Natalia, on the other hand, has kept her way of being the best support for her husband. They are adored by their fans, especially when they appear in public together.

A perfect work-life balance

Natalia was the center of the family and inspired everyone with her positivity, according to her husband. She is loved by her family and friends. Natalia remains inspired in her work, and this is one of the qualities that attracts her husband to her. She has managed to live an unselfish life and we wish her much success in doing so and an example of patience and hard work.