Top 7 Temples in Greece to Visit with Your Family


Greece is one of the most wondrous holiday destinations in the world, and an amazing time is guaranteed for you and your family! As a pillar of our civilization, the country is always at the top of the most visited and certainly one of the most fulfilling ones.

While it is always good to travel for entertainment or cuisine, Greece definitely holds the title as the one with the most significant number of important historical sites. That, of course, includes temples. So, if you are making an itinerary as you read this, find out the top 7 temples in Greece to visit with your family!

1. Temple of Hephaistos, Athens


Athens appears on every of the Greece tour packages, so visiting and exploring is quite inevitable. However, while the Acropolis usually takes the spotlight and brings in all the tourists, you should really look a bit further away and discover the beauty and importance of the Temple of Hephaistos.

This ancient house of worship follows the traditional Greek Doric principle and, while constructed in 415 BC, remains one of the best-preserved historical sites in the country.

Apart from the stunning views and history-packed stories about the temple, it is imperative that you know of its significance. The Temple of Hephaistus has been in-service as a Greek Orthodox church since the 7th century up until 1834!

2. Temple of Apollo, Delphi


Following the pattern of Greek Gods, the Temple of Apollo is yet another striking site you and your family will enjoy visiting!

Apollo, the God of harmony, light, music, and joy, stood as one of the most important divinities of the Delphic Panhellenic Sanctuary. So, safe to say that his temple was, and still is, regarded as the most significant of them all.

Located on Mount Parnassos, the sanctuary opens up to stunning landscapes and endless sights of an authentic Greek oasis. So, even if you find difficulty connecting with Apollo’s spirit in his house of worship, there is no denying its rural beauty.

Speaking of the temple’s location, not only is it mind-blowing, but very convenient, too! The whole site is quite closed off from the city and its noise, yet easy enough to access, so you will not have to endure long trips, especially if you are traveling with small children!

3. Temple of Poseidon, Sounion


This ancient Greek temple, dedicated to the God of water, raises probably the most questions about its original state and things that might have been lost in history.

While there is evidence of the sanctuary being active, or at least reconstructed in the 11th century BC, many features are still unclear, but several glimpses were enough for the archeologists to speculate some exciting stuff! For example, it is said that originally the Temple of Poseidon was covered, to put it mildly, in kouroi, freestanding statues of Greek men. Can you imagine what a sight it must have been?

However, dwelling on the things that might have been only takes you so far, so we suggest you spend some quality time exploring the vacated premises of one of the most impressive ancient sites in Greece and focusing on what you can see for yourself now!

4. Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens


Zeus is undoubtedly the first name that comes to mind if you are asked about the Greek Gods. The highest and most potent of them all, the God of creation and life, Zeus, was respected and worshipped in all kinds of ways. The Temple of Olympian Zeus in Greece is just one of them.

To commemorate the head of the Olympian Gods, the ancient Greeks built the temple in the 6th century BC, during the rule of the Athenian tyrants. Which is quite an important detail, knowing that it was precisely them that wanted the sanctuary to be the greatest and grandest one in the ancient world.

Without their demanding ways, neither you nor your family would now be able to witness the most amazing Greek constructions and discover the divinity at their house of worship.

5. The Temple of Athena Parthenos, Athens


Probably the only one one-upping the Temple of Hephaistus in terms of fame and visitation, the striking Temple of Athena Parthenos is a must-visit for you and your family.

Most likely, you know it as simply Parthenon, a much more well-known name among tourists. The whole site was dedicated to the Goddess Athena, and it is regarded as the most binding site on the Acropolis.

Apart from the dedication to the most powerful goddess, the Parthenon is also a must-see because of its design and exterior motives. Dubbed the highest point of Greek architecture and art, the temple is still Athens’ treasury and greatest pride, as it is clear evidence of the genius Greek mind!

6. Tholos of Athena, Delphi


Regarded as one of UNESCO World Heritage Site treasures, the Tholos of Athena is a circular temple, perfectly displaying the detail and precision of a Greek sculpture and the recurring theme of domes in their architecture.

Apparently, it was decided that this temple was built with a mix of different kinds of materials, which eventually led to its relatively poor state. However, even with a clear stamp of time, the sanctuary remains an addition to the mesmerizing and completely otherworldly Greek terrain.

While it is entirely natural, given the state and ages of some of those temples, it is still fun and exciting to find peculiarities or inconsistencies. While the Temple of Poseidon has some secrets on its own, Tholos of Athena was filled with statues of impeccable design and craftsmanship, but no name was ever found. Why not find out more about the divine Greeks and their enigmas?

7. Temple of Apollo, Corinth


Are you surprised that there are more Apollo temples on our list than ones of Zeus? Well, Apollo is described as one of the funniest and kindest of the gods, so the Greek obsession with worshiping him everywhere makes sense – and gives you places to see!

This time set in central Corinth, the Temple of Apollo was constructed at the absolute height of the Greek civilization, so you can understand why it is so essential to the natives.

Just to make sure that the sanctuary is well-seen, it was built upon Temple Hill, which made it highly visible throughout Ancient Corinth. This piece of art was actually created by Kypselos, the first Corinthian tyrant, and while the word sounds wrong, we have to thank them for half of the itinerary!

Here you go! Seven beautiful temples that all of the family members will find enjoyable. And really, the pictures do them no justice – something as magnificent and important as Greece should be experienced firsthand. So, get on with that experience!