The Best Virtual Healthcare Software Providers

Healthcare Software Providers are not just one-step providers; they are companies that provide solutions to solve all your healthcare business needs. Virtual Healthcare Software Providers offer many solutions and services to meet the patient’s expectations, their care team’s demands, and their providers’ needs; for a provider to be able to provide an enhanced patient care experience, the company needs to be prepared to support the ever-growing demand for their residents to stay connected with their healthcare. By doing so, not only will providers be able to provide an interactive, seamless patient care process, but those patients will also have access to all the support and information needed for a safe and comfortable living environment.

Healthcare’s Most Flexible Collaboration Platform


At Qliqsoft, we offer a suite of all the virtual healthcare software solutions needed to connect and integrate a facility’s systems into one main platform. Being a healthcare software company, we understand that all the different providers need multiple solutions for their specialized needs, so we work to give facilities a complete and comprehensive technology experience. We offer the flexibility of choosing what is best for your facility and the option of implementing our solutions quickly. Qliqsoft provides a HIPAA-compliant virtual solution for resident care that is vital in today’s medical landscape.

HIPAA compliant texting


The United States Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005 (HIPAA) is a Federal law passed to protect the privacy and security of personal health information. HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which regulates how medical providers can communicate with patients regarding their personal health information.

HIPAA text messaging allows medical facilities to send secure text messages to patients from their devices or mobile devices. Connecting patients with doctors and nurses has never been this simple and convenient. HIPAA-compliant texting allows patients to speak with their healthcare team 24/7 and stay connected to those looking out for them.

Virtual visits


As an apple technology, there are no barriers to prevent patients from having their physician and nurse communicate with them. Virtual visits allow those who cannot get to the facility to share with those providing Care. When patients don’t have to leave their homes and can visit with their healthcare team, they feel more comfortable knowing they will receive the care they need while away from home. Quickly deploying a virtual care solution for your facility is easy with the best virtual healthcare Software provider.

Providing patients with the ability to attend their doctor’s visit remotely allows them more time and freedom to do what they need or want. With the primary purpose of serving healthcare facilities is to improve the quality of life for their patients, it is essential to have a meaningful and productive experience. Virtual visits allow more time for patient interaction and not having to worry about the logistics of getting to a facility. With fewer limitations in place, there are more chances for those receiving Care to become more engaged in the process and receive better Care.

Healthcare Chatbots


Healthcare Chatbots are the most popular virtual technology on the market today. They offer various features and user-friendly functionalities to meet every patient’s needs. Healthcare Chatbots help to educate those receiving Care, deliver Care and serve as an extension of the healthcare team. The healthcare Chatbot marketplace is growing rapidly as an innovative and unique technology.

Qliqsoft offers a healthcare Chatbot Platform to serve as the foundation for all the different Chatbot solutions needed to engage with patients, deliver Care, and educate those receiving it. The Qliqchat Healthcare Chatbot Platform is a cloud-based AI solution that enables virtual healthcare solutions to communicate with patients educationally and professionally. The platform’s artificial intelligence helps the user interface be intelligent enough to engage with patients at any time of day.

Automation is a crucial part of the overall healthcare Chatbot experience. Automating Care offers the best patient-centered healthcare Chatbot solutions and many other benefits. The healthcare Chatbot Platform’s robust customization and design capabilities allow organizations to define the type of experience they want. Furthermore, the platform offers an automated healthcare Chatbot solution that can be customized to meet the needs of specific users across countries and languages. With Qliqsoft, you can build a Chatbot Solution based on a proprietary Healthcare Chatbot Platform designed to enhance efficiency and provide personalized patient care through seamless messaging and tech-forward solutions.

Email distribution.

Patients want to stay in touch and be the first to know when their Care is ending and when it is time for their next appointment. Using a Patient Portal allows patients to stay connected with their healthcare team and receive all the information needed at home or on the go. Email distribution as an added feature lets you quickly notify your patients of upcoming appointments, medications they are taking, and any recommendations or feedback they need. Email distribution as a healthcare solution gives patients an efficient way to communicate at home.

Who Healthcare Software Providers Serve


Hospitals and Health Systems

Qliqsoft provides electronic medical records software to clients across the nation, ranging from small and medium hospitals to sizable multi-hospital health systems. Whether you are a new facility looking for a solution or an existing facility looking for integration into your current system, we have the knowledge, skills, and technology to meet your requirements.

Home Care Providers

Qliqsoft provides communication solutions to home care providers in the United States. We have worked with hundreds of home care organizations, including hospice providers, agencies serving seniors or disabled people, and many more. We are here to make your business operations run efficiently using innovative software designed specifically for home care professionals like you.

Ambulatory Clinics


Ambulances rely on healthcare software providers to maximize their operational efficiency. Transporting patients to emergency rooms and other clinics is essential to ambulance service operations. With AMBULATORY, ambulances can schedule their services, create and provide patient intake forms, dispense medication, and more. This secure software offers various features that help ease your operational burden. For queuing systems, AMBULATORY allows the creation of services, appointment reminders, and notifications. Inventory can be used to create and manage caregiver inventories.

Home Healthcare Agencies

Home healthcare agencies need software that will enable them to effectively schedule, track, and bill their patients’ healthcare services. Qliqsoft’s HOME HEALTHCARE will help your business make every transaction as transparent as possible so that you can successfully deliver a quality service to your clients. A good Home Healthcare Software will allow you to track all services provided to patients and give you complete control over patient data.

Clinical Data Management Solutions


Clinical data management can be puzzling for some medical facilities. The need for quality and up-to-date patient information is essential. With our software, your hospital can quickly adapt a solution for clinical data management that makes it easier for the hospital staff to manage the data and more user-friendly for clinicians.

Pharma and Life sciences

Healthcare and pharma companies rely on Qliqsoft’s EMR software to ensure that every medication, treatment, diagnosis, and other care plan is documented accurately and efficiently. With Qliqsoft’s EMRs for pharma, you can track patient information in real time with a secure online database.

Virtual Healthcare Software Providers are the backbone of any healthcare technology system. They are the ins and outs of more than just an online patient portal. Virtual software solutions help you manage every aspect of your healthcare services for patients who want to care for themselves at home. You must choose a software provider to provide your healthcare organization or hospital with the necessary tools to meet the patient’s needs in the new millennium.