Know How PVC Wall Panels Improve the Efficiency of Your Marine Business


Establishing a dock or marina is to anchor the small yachts or boats. Through the marina, yachts and boats can moor up to get the fuel for the inspection checks. Marinas can even be a dwelling place for many luxury yachts. Boat operators keep an eye on the resources and equipment they need while staying in marinas. Today, marine businesses are one of the rewarding career paths which are worth adventuring. Marine businesses have now channeled into recreational activities, which have later earned good profits. Not only that, marine businesses have paved the way for better employment opportunities, which is a boon in today’s volatile scenario.

Marinas are located close to the waters, which causes harm to the interiors. In addition, the marine interiors experience serious dampness issues, which take a huge toll on marine businesses. Simply restoring the cracked interiors with expensive emulsification paints would not work out. The key to the optimal restoration of the marine interiors is to install vinyl marine wall panels. PVC marine wall and ceiling panels have enormous benefits over pricy FRP panels, drywall, and mylar.

Many manufacturing companies provide PVC wall and ceiling panels to meet the safety standards of marine businesses. Finding a reliable manufacturer that provides you with top-of-the-line PVC wall and ceiling panels for marina interiors is essential.

Does the Marine Interiors Absorb Moisture? Install PVC Wall Panels


Marinas often observe moisture leakage issues. Minimal usage of dehumidifiers and zero ventilations are the key reasons behind the moisture infiltration. When moisture infiltration seems impossible to go, installation of USA made PVC panels is important. Installing PVC panels help in insulating the marine interiors from moisture. PVC wall and ceiling panels have poreless surfaces that do not trap moisture. This way, no moisture leakage happens, and you can ensure damp-free marina interiors.

Low Maintenance Panels that Require Minimal Cleaning

FRP panels for marinas need frequent cleaning as they absorb moisture and severe contaminants. As a result, they are prone to cracks, peel-offs, staining, and corrosion. However, PVC wall and ceiling panels are easy to clean with mild cleansers such as soap and detergents. In addition, PVC wall and ceiling panels do not require regular cleaning and stay flawless for a long period.

Remarkable Durability

According to a recent survey, it has been found that PVC wall panels have a longer shelf life period. PVC wall and ceiling panels stay in good condition for around 40-45 years. If properly maintained, PVC panels can last up to 100 years. Once you install PVC wall and ceiling panels, no multiple repairs or replacements occur. This way, you can save additional maintenance costs.

Installation Process is Easy-Here is the Reason

PVC panels give you a trouble-free installation process due to the tongue and groove interlocking system. The panels can easily interlock to the studs without needing screws and adhesives. Moreover, one local contractor can easily install the PVC panels in 7-8 hours. The process is quick and hassle-free.

Duramax PVC Wall Panels- One-Stop Destination for Acquiring PVC Wall Panels


Duramax PVC Wall Panels are one of the reputed and prominent manufacturers of advanced PVC wall panels in the USA. We have years of knowledge and expertise in handling a wide range of commercial and residential paneling projects. Duramax PVC Wall Panels are lightweight, making the transportation of PVC panels easy. Besides, Duramax PVC wall and ceiling panels are non-porous and do not endure fire hazards, chemical spills, and serious moisture infiltration issues.

Careful Examination of Duramax PVC Panels Before Shipment

A team at Duramax performs several tests to ensure the panels meet the FDA, ASTM, and CFIA standards. They have ½ inch thickness and 16-inch width that can be customized according to the specifications. Duramax PVC panels are dispatched from our manufacturing unit to your address in two weeks at factory-priced rates.

Final Words

You can visit the Duramax PVC Wall Panels website and buy PVC panels online now. You can also call us at 323-991-7507 and get the right assistance on your commercial and residential paneling.