Get CPR Course and BLS Certification Online


The human heart acts as a pump that sends blood across the body. It carries oxygen to all the organs, which works as their fuel. The heart sends impure blood to the lungs and receives the oxygenated one back.

If the heart stops working due to cardiac arrest, this process stops. It leads to multiple organ failures and death. Doctors have devised techniques that can help people experiencing sudden cardiac arrests.

The CPR BLS certification teaches you these techniques. Read the article to know more about CPR, BLS, and the best way to get these certifications.

What is CPR?


Out of the many life-saving skills, CPR is the most essential. This term stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Through this process, you send air into a collapsed patient’s lungs and then pump it across their body. The science behind it is elementary. The below steps in the CPR process can help keep a patient alive till the Emergency Medical Team arrives.

1. Check if the patient is breathing and lay them flat on their back.
2. Tilt the patient’s head back and blow air twice in their mouth.
3. Place your palms on the center of the patient’s chest and push the rib cage.
4. Try to mimic the rhythm of a heart when pumping the chest.
5. This step will allow the air into the lungs and circulate it through the patient’s body.
6. Repeat the process twice or thrice till the Emergency team arrives.
7. Different types of CPR help adults, children, and infants.

What is BLS?


Basic Life Skills or BLS stands for a set of procedures that can help you in a person’s life. It is the care every healthcare professional or first aider administers to someone suffocating.

A sudden cardiac arrest also causes choking as the lungs collapse, and BLS helps. It could be highly frustrating to witness someone suffering from the above conditions as a bystander. A surge of helplessness overtakes people, and others experience deep trauma.

Taking up a CPR BLS certification course will empower you to help them with a second life. BLS has a fixed algorithm, as mentioned below.

1. You will learn about identifying signs of cardiac arrest. Check for no pulse and obstructed airway.

2. The next step is to check for signs of life. It includes checking if the person is conscious and breathing. Tap hard on the shoulder, check the eyelids, breathing and pulse. You could also yell at them loudly. It initiates a jerk response and allows you to administer the proper process.

3. Call the Emergency team and explain the situation to them in brief. Remember to give your location and the number of casualties you see. Make sure you assign a few people to help with crowd control. Gathering over a suffocating person only worsens things.

4. Once you have the signs of life in place, start the CPR process. Pump the heart in quick successions and keep listening for signs of breathing.

5. If the CPR does not work, go for the Defibrillator. Rub the two parts of the machine and put them on the patient’s chest. Start the shock system as per the instruction on the device.

6. Help the patient transition from the ground to the vehicle of the medics. Make sure their breathing remains stable; they stay conspicuous.

How to learn CPR and BLS Online?


Upskilling yourself with a CPR BLS certification is the best investment. Through these courses, you learn skills that could bring out the best in you. You now know the value of these courses. But, the critical question lingers on. How to take up such a course? The answer might take you by surprise. You can learn a majority of life-saving classes online.

Many institutions provide well-researched courses on BLS and CPR. Here are some ways to ensure you take up the right path.

1. You should conduct thorough research on institutes that provide such a course.
2. Read their modules and make sure they cover all the required topics.
3. Check with the institutions about the accreditation of their certificate.
4. Make sure you only pick a course that has a valid certificate. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your money and time.
5. Also, please inquire about the utility of the certificate in professional life. Ask about which corporate or government organizations accept it.
6. Once you have set the groundwork, pick a course and start studying.
7. You will need to appear for an examination at the end of the course. Once you give this, you get a certificate.

Learning CPR and BLS online has become more accessible than ever, with numerous training courses available. To ensure that you are getting the best education possible, it’s important to research the various options available to you. One way to find the best first aid training courses in Nepean is to read reviews and ratings from other students who have taken the course.

FAQs about CPR/BLS Classes


Every person has a question about something new they are about to start. The below question and answers could help you choose the course.

Do I need to take a dedicated course if I am a healthcare provider?

Yes, healthcare providers may know CPR and AED. But, only some get to use these skills and hence forget. Taking up a course will help you revise and practice. It could also help you move up in your career.

How are CPR and BLS courses different?

A CPR course only teaches the technique required for resuscitation. On the contrary, BLS talks about various methods to help open a person’s airway. The Heimlich maneuver is also a part of the BLS curriculum.

Who qualifies for taking a CPR BLS certification?

You must have the will to save a life and give back to society. Nurses and paramedics show the most interest in this type of course. But every adult can take up either of these courses.


People will pay heed to your resume once you have the CPR BLS certification. These courses show the time and dedication you have to help another person. Many companies ask for these skills in their interviews.

Both routes go hand in hand, and it is best to take them together. The American HealthCare Academy offers you both these courses at affordable prices. You get a valid certificate and study credits by taking up a course at the AHCA. Register on the AHCA website today and pick the path that suits your requirement.