Which European Country Has the Best Healthcare System?

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If you want to move to another place, one of the primary things you have to consider is the country’s health system. This factor should be on your priority list, because your health care depends on it. There are different approaches to this system and all countries function differently.

While some rely on government support, others depend on private insurers and so on. However, there are several countries that have something in common and that is a strong health system. Read more about it and decide on the one whose system suits you best.

1. France

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This country has universal coverage and government organization. Although a doctor’s examination is paid for, the government responsibly refunds most fees. France is on our list because it provides fantastic health services and has a rich base of general practitioners. Examination prices are very affordable, and insurance reimburses the costs.

Hospitals are divided into state and private, and both institutions have experts from all branches of medicine. Her health system is described as efficient and effective. They have the lowest death rate, and the doctor’s attitude towards the patient is extremely professional, while the experts are highly qualified.

2. Germany

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Germany is another country that is widely known for its healthcare system thanks to the world’s best medical technology universities. You can use a private or public system, and you can always ask for recommendations to find out what is your better option. Your embassy or consulate can often help you with this.

If you do a little research, you will find out that Germans are among the healthiest people in the world. We believe that the secret lies in excellent national health care. Each medical discipline will have only the best treatment for you, and medical services are available to everyone, because every employee has health insurance.

3. Slovakia

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One of the main advantages of this country is the right to free health care and many modern high tech hospitals. However, it was not only on our list because of that, but also because of many other advantages. You will be surprised by their projects that successfully meet all the health challenges of today.

We must not forget the great comfort that institutions provide to their patients. You will also be able to take advantage of many programs, specializing in individual health problems that offer the most efficient patient treatment.

4. Sweden

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If you look at some results of research on the life expectancy of citizens, you will notice that their life expectancy is very high. Although most patients are helped by costs, a large percentage of their treatment is free. Their hospitals have high standards that meet all requirements.

It also meets the needs of patients who are employed, because due to the diagnosis, they start receiving part of their daily allowance the next day without the need to report for work. Later this responsibility passes to the employer and later to the government. In any case, the patient was taken care of in a short period of time.


Remember that the efficiency of the health care system directly affects the quality of your life. Your mental and physical health should be most important to you, and by going to another country, you rely solely on their support. So think about when he deserves your trust.