Are Feminized Seeds as Good as Regular? – 2024 Guide

When you plan to germinate cannabis plants at your home, you may get confused between the regular ones and the feminized ones. The seeds you bought can be a mixture of male and female plant parts. It is tough to say whether the feminized ones are as good as regular ones. Every plant part has its benefits, but you must know about them.

It is easy to obtain the blooming buds from the feminized seeds and other parts like roots or leaves from the regular ones. After comparing these two seed types, you can determine which suits your needs.


You can only differentiate the seeds once it enters the pre-flowering phase. You can get lemon cherry gelato strain seeds online and try to understand the difference between the two seed types. You need to germinate the seeds and wait for the pre-flowering state. The growth at the nodes where the branches meet to the main stem. You need to check the nodes to determine the plant sex organs.

If it is in the form of pistils like small white hair, then it is a female part. But if it looks like pollen sacs as balls, then it is the male part. If you desire to avoid uncontrollable breeding, you need to separate these parts and continue their growth. If you want to get blooms only, you need to kill the male part. The flowering seeds are the feminized ones that will be separated from the regular ones.

Are Feminized Seeds Good as Regular?


Before comparing them, you must know about the benefits of both. Feminized seeds can bear buds and flower plants. There is no pollination risk, and it is available cost-effectively.

There is no need to remove it from the crop, and you can get a massive variety of genetics in it.

But it is quite tough to clone as it cannot be bred. Its availability is limited. But the regular ones are easily available because their stains can be bred. It can produce clones and develop pollen with time. You can also get a variety of genes in it. Now, you need to know whether the feminized seeds are good enough as regular; it depends on your preference.

The flowering seeds are good if you want to germinate high-quality stained marijuana plants. This part is the pure form of buds and flowers of the plant and is separated from the regular ones. Whether you need to grow buds or other parts of the plants is your choice. As per your preference, you can consider the suitable option.

The Bottom Line

Both feminized and regular cannabis seeds have their benefits, and you can consider the good one as per your preference. Undoubtedly, you can germinate the flowering part of the cannabis plant by using feminized seeds, but it is not possible with regular ones. You can compare them to your needs and invest in the good option.