Reasons for Using Proxy Checkers


Proxies have existed for decades and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They’re integral to modern-day market intelligence harvesting, web scraping, social media marketing, bot expeditions, and website unblocking. Delete proxies from the digital space and watch millions of businesses go down, trillions of tasks go unattended, video consumption rates fall, and overall social media accounts reduce dramatically. Although every proxy developer creates a robust system capable of withstanding hurdles, there is a need to confirm the performance of these tools.

What Are the Benefits of Proxy Checkers?


Proxy checkers are like management systems, providing users with the information they need to determine if proxies function satisfactorily, fast, and efficiently. The pain and financial burden of losing a proxy connection in the middle of a vital undertaking is colossal. Besides, paying for proxies only to end up with slow and unreliable connections, hundreds of banned IPs, and unreliable uptimes is agonizing. To avoid all these problems and get optimal satisfaction from every proxy server you buy, consider top-notch proxy checkers. Here are the critical functions of proxy checkers you must know.

Evaluating Free Proxies


Free proxies are never an option for expeditious anonymity, security, and great uptimes.

However, free proxies are a favorable choice when you’re not doing heavy web scraping, managing multiple social media accounts, or running serious unblocking activities. Free proxies aren’t capable of providing 100% uptime, impressive speeds, and high security.

They can mess you up unapologetically as they keep disconnecting unexpectedly.

With a free proxy, your IP might be at risk of leaking. This is something you absolutely want to avoid, especially when privacy is your number one concern. To avoid the dangers of leaked IPs, use proxy checkers to keep track of the locations and IPs your free proxy generates. Alternatively, you can use a premium rotative proxy if your budget allows.

Checking Proxy Speeds


The most antagonizing moment when using proxies is when they slow your 15 Mbps speed to 2 Mbps. With such low rates, a search request that takes a millisecond to load will take a few seconds, delaying your browsing activity. The worst experience is when web scraping or collecting market intelligence and being forced to spend hours performing a project that should take only a few minutes.

Proxy checkers evaluate your proxy connection to give real-time insights into the speeds.

Some high-intelligence tools may indicate possible reasons for slow speed and possible solutions. Proxy speeds are affected by different things, namely the location you connect to and your internet speed. If your internet speed is okay, you might need to check the location or IP addresses to enjoy better connections. To buy cheap, premium proxies for handling complex projects, use these coupons to save money.

Geo-Determination and Anonymity


Proxies idealistically keep connections anonymous and secure while enabling you to bypass geo-blocks. Connecting to a geo-blocked blog or site with a partially anonymous proxy connection will lead to a leaked IP. While premium proxies offer full protection and anonymity, free and shared proxies only provide partially transparent connections. Partial anonymity and security expose various risks, including getting hacked, delisted by websites, or denied access to geo-blocked websites.

Proxy server checkers check and determine the geo-location and level of anonymity and security of proxy connections. They give detailed info on the location attached to every IP address and the security rating of every connection. That way, you will know which IPs to avoid and which ones to use.

Checking Spam


Proxy providers offer various IP addresses for multiple users from different locations.

Although dedicated IP addresses aren’t shared, you might find that the proxy IP you are using had been generated and used by another subscriber a few months ago.

If a previous user messed up the IP address and got it blacklisted from a site, you won’t have luck if you try accessing the same website. To avoid such unfortunate situations, use proxy checkers to find out more about IPs flagged and blocked by different websites. These tools will give detailed data of every IP considered spam.


You must never neglect checkers when using proxies. They are great tools to secure your connections and help you identify useless proxy IPs before using them. Like proxies, not all proxy checkers are equal. Study and compare several of them to pick the one matching your quality and performance expectations.