Benefits of Using VPN While Playing Online Games


VPNs, you might have already heard about it and might know a bit too. But did you know that experts recommend using VPNs while playing online video games and casino games or when going through online casino reviews on an unknown site? VPNs have been gaining a lot of popularity over the years with the increase of malware attacks and cybersecurity threats.

They offer you several benefits, especially when you wish to stay secure while playing or shopping online. If you have still not started using a VPN yet, you are jeopardizing your safety and robbing yourself of its various benefits. It is time to know what a VPN is and what are the benefits of it to help you take full advantage of it.

What Is A VPN?


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and these are special servers located all over the globe, ensuring you are protected by acting as private network sources. Whether playing online games, or trying to find a location, with a VPN, you would be connected to one of the several private networks so that your internet traffic path gets encrypted, securing everything you do and search. In simple words, VPN or the private network becomes a mask or a filter for your internet connection.

When playing online games, the VPNs IP address is exposed rather than your personal IP address. This way, no one would be able to track your actual address, and hackers will not be able to track the internet data going in and out of your smart device. Most importantly, here are the top benefits of using a VPN while playing games.

The Benefits Of Using VPN


Helps In Improving Gaming Ping

Having an excellent ping is necessary when playing online games to ensure that you are able to get the ruin faster than any other gamer in Dota or get that treasure; ping helps in determining the fluidity of the game. Having excellent ping would make your whole gaming experience a lot better and smoother. Ping quality is determined depending on the distance between a particular server and your physical distance from that server.

VPNs have helped a great deal in removing the issues that gamers face when they are victims of poor ping. If you are receiving poor ping, then switching on to a VPN might be the best solution. VPN would be able to change the physical location, and your ISP would be stable, allowing you to experience efficient and stable connectivity.

You Gain Access To Geo-Restricted Games


If you like certain games, the true pain is when you cannot play them because you live in a certain region where the game is restricted. Most of the online video games that you play require you to remain active online to have access; therefore, your IP address must be from a valid location for you to play the game. VPN helps you gain access to geo-restricted games. With VPN, you can choose the country according to your liking and play the game from the IP address somewhere from that country where the game is valid.

Not just playing geo-restricted games, with a VPN, you could also gain access to games that have not been yet launched in your country; therefore, becoming one of the early gamers. Sometimes that is all you need to stay at the top of the competition.

Helps You Stay Encrypted And Secure

When you are playing using public WI-FI, there is a high chance that your personal data is being intercepted by hackers and cybercriminals, even if the public WI-FI claims that it is secure. Hackers not only get access to your card credentials, which is dangerous, but your gamer identity is also jeopardized. When you use a VPN, whether on a public or a Private WI-FI, all the data that is coming in and going out remains safe, secure, and above all, encrypted.

Therefore, even if data is intercepted by a cybercriminal, it would be indecipherable, ensuring your identity remains protected. Not just as a gamer, you should always make use of a VPN to keep yourself away from harm while shopping or searching.

Avoid Any DDoS Attack


While not so frequent nowadays, DDoS attacks still happen, and you could be an easy victim, especially if you are a professional gamer or a famous live gaming streamer. Having the IP address leaked or exposed could lead to severe DDoS attacks. If you become a victim of one, it could create a lot of issues, including you will not be able to connect to your internet until you make contact with the ISP.

When you use VPN, your IP address remains encrypted, so all your data remains safe.

There will be no chance for any hacker to gain access to your exposed IP address and retain any personal information or make you a victim of a DDoS attack.

VPN Helps You By Protecting Against Swatting

This does not happen often; however, there have been reports of some extreme cases. This mostly happens in multiplayer games where if another gamer loses because of you, they could get so angry that they might resort to stalking. If a gamer finds your IP address, not just hacking your social media address, they could start stalking you offline as well.

In extreme cases, cases of swatting also happen where emergency services are called and sent to another person’s house saying there has been a hostage situation, although it is completely fake. This could turn deadly; therefore, using VPN would be the best possible solution to keep yourself protected.

There is special equipment that helps cybercriminals listen to website traffic and wifi data and allows the hacker to observe everything that you are doing online. They get access to information like addresses, card numbers, passwords, and others. VPN protects you from severe malware attacks and also from bandwidth throttling. Wrapping up, these are some of the known benefits of going for VPNs. Choosing the right VPN would allow you to navigate the internet safely; therefore, do thorough research while looking for VPNs.