Personalized Video Marketing – Myth or Reality?


Reality. That would be the shortest answer to the question we open in the title itself. And here’s why.

The importance and effects of personalized video marketing in any business, regardless of whether you are a small or large company, are huge, and you are probably not even aware of it, with the most common myths that exist such as it is too expensive, time-consuming, video not attractive enough content and does not achieve effects like other content, not all products can be promoted through personalized video marketing, not every business can use personalized video marketing and the list can be filled indefinitely.

All of these are obstacles for most people who do not have enough information about personalized video marketing and how the benefits and how much-personalized video marketing can boost your sales.

In support of this is a significant fact that personalized video marketing increases the click-through rate to open the page you want 16 times.

Why is that? Very simple – personalized video marketing allows you to target your campaign to those who are your target group and to “serve” them content according to their needs, or content to which they will respond best and first.

That’s why personalized video marketing is an important item for clients you already work with, but also for those clients you have yet to attract and of course keep for as long as possible.

Therefore, here is another interesting fact, and that is that as many as 98% of marketers agree that personalizing messages to the target group improves customer relationships.

How much video is a key segment of marketing today is also shown by the data according to which more than 80% of Twitter users watch video content, YouTube platform records more than 500 million hours of video viewing every day, while more than 500 million people watch the video on Facebook every day?


These numbers clearly show first of all how much people like to watch video content, especially those that affect their needs, which is actually behind well-designed personalized video marketing.

Let’s go back to one of the prejudices, and that is that personalized video marketing does not exactly suit your field of business. First, we need to explain the following. Personalized video messages can cover different target groups, and that is determined by you, ie the analysis and research you have conducted on your target groups.

Therefore, a personalized video message can be B2B and B2C, or it can be a message in which you address potential partners (business to business) or end-users of your services and products (business to customer).

Let’s take the example of addressing target groups by e-mail, ie creating email campaigns.

The most inconvenient is of course cold emailing, considering that this is the first step you take towards potential partners, clients, and customers.

This is exactly what personalized video messages can help you with, which can not only make your email campaigns more meaningful but also more interesting and receptive so that personalized video messages can hit the needs of the target group and click!


The fact that personalized video messages can be used in any business is shown by good examples in various areas of business: manufacturing, health, tourism, finance…

The effects that personalized video messaging can have on your business are greater than the energy you need to invest.

Of course, people will rather react to personalized video messages that are aimed at them as individuals, which means that with a well-analyzed target group, personalized video messages can never be done in vain, while on the other hand video messages are not personalized and not created according to clear goals and needs of a particular target group, but addressing everyone, will not have much effect, because there is energy and effort spread, not directly affected when needed, and even if it comes to those who need it, they do not have the impression that you see them as individuals you wanted to address.

So personalized video messages are half the battle, and how do you best create them?

The keywords are – personalized video platforms.

Not only will personalized video marketing do half the work to promote your business and brand positioning, but personalized video platforms will do half the work with personalized video messages.


What these platforms allow you to do is:

↓ Less cost                                                           ↑ more time
↓ Fewer people needed                                          ↑ Bigger business effects


When it comes to the money needed, personalized video platforms don’t ask for it in most cases! Today, there are hundreds of personalized video platforms that are either free or require a certain fee, which also does not have to be large, and if they ask for a fee, they offer you even greater benefits, if you want and think you need to use them. Such a platform is just Plainly.


In terms of time, personalized video platforms save time in every way. First of all, they are very easy to use and many of these platforms allow you to create videos even on your mobile phone. Platforms work easily, usually on a drag and drop basis, so you don’t need a lot of knowledge. Also, when it comes to creating video and personalization work, with these platforms you can skip even a few steps because you can set which part of the video content you want to change and in which way.


If you are wondering if video has the same impact on marketing as other content, we will give you the answer no. Because video has a much bigger effect than individual content, and video is something that attracts the most attention, especially if we are talking about personalized video messages.

What’s more, your target audience can help you further distribute and visibly first your video, and therefore your brand, because research shows that as many as 57% of social media users on their profiles will share personalized videos versus 38% for non-personalized versions.

So personalized video marketing can be applied not only in every business, but also in every product, and also in a variety of situations.

You do not have to use personalized video messages only for promotion and sales, but, as mentioned above when making first contact with clients, then gratitude to clients who have been with you for many years and have shown their trust, to congratulate the holiday, inform about let’s say new types of conveniences for shopping with you, various other notices.

Not every personalized video message needs to be focused on a specific action, ie to lead to a purchase, but these messages are the way you build the trust and relevance of your brand.