How to Start a Swimming Pool Cleaning Business in 3 Easy Steps


Anyone who owns a pole knows how difficult it is to clean it. There is a lot of hard work involved in the entire process which is why people are always on the lookout for reliable pool cleaners. One can easily capitalize on this need by starting a pool cleaning business.

However, it is a great commitment because one would have to know about complicated recruitment and toxic chemicals which are involved in the cleaning process. But if you have decided that this is the right business direction, we are here to help you out. In this article, we will mention just how you can start a full cleaning business and create a source of consistent income.

1. Research and Train


No one can start a business if they do not know how the basics work. Before beginning with an entire company one will need to know how to do the groundwork. Scrubbing the pool and managing the equipment by their own hands is extremely important to understand the physical investment that will go into the business apart from the monetary one.

Each homeowner would be on your back to make sure there is no spot left behind. It is a physically green draining process because the work will have to be done in the morning or afternoon when the sun is shining bright. Extra effort can go into hefty repair and cleaning out mold and bacteria infestation.

While you would be paid handsomely one also needs to understand that every penny would come after a day of heavy labor. Researching on how to run a business is the first step but one also needs to train as a pool cleaner to develop an understanding of how the job is done. Once you get that understanding it would be helpful in managing other employees who are working for you.

Additional information includes learning basics of electricity and plumbing to reduce risks of electrocution. The research and training will also include knowing the chemicals used in cleaning and how to use them right. All of these chemicals should be researched so that one can manage their allergic reactions.

2. Organize it Well


Once research and training is done, the next step is to figure out the timing of operation.

As a new business, you would want to be available at all times so that people know that you are reliable. But the timing also needs to be decided on the basis of seasons where people would want their fools cleaned more frequently.

All of these factors add to better organization. After choosing the timing it is time to choose the business structure which can be either a sole proprietorship or an LLC. Maintaining a business does not mean that it has to be an operation involving multiple people. If you think that you can do it alone at least in the beginning, start off as a sole proprietor and manage everything alone.

A sole proprietorship offers unlimited liability but it is easier to manage than an LLC. The organization of the business would also include knowing the extent of services you are willing to provide. Cleaning is obviously the main operation but maintenance is also something which will create a loyal customer base. Maintenance services will also create a consistent stream of income in case people do not want their pool cleaned.

Another important aspect of organization is choosing the right software. One needs to choose a software which will be able to manage all the details on invoices as the business expands. PoolPro is one such software which will keep all the essential details in one place.

A good software comes in handy for scalability and other convenience factors.

3. Manage Your Finances


Whenever it comes to starting a new business there is a certain level of monetary investment that will go into it. The easiest way to begin is to make a budget based on personal finances. A budget will set up a threshold which you cannot cross. It will help in managing all of the details in a better way.

Costs also include obtaining insurance and getting certified as a pool cleaner. Getting a vehicle for carrying the equipment around is also an investment you need to do upfront.

There are many one time costs that go into this business so collecting enough capital to begin becomes important. After you have done the basics, it is time to choose a rate at which you would be offering your services.

It is a delicate balance which can make or break how customers approach your business.

The price should be competitive, but it should not be so high that people immediately jump to the next company. Since you are just beginning, offering promotional offers to gain customers would be a good idea. Even if you do not offer monetary discounts, provide certain additional services for free.

This will give the customers an idea of your range of services as well as the quality of your work. Once you start getting customers, managing the accounts will be extremely essential. Ideally, there should be a separate account for the business whether you are maintaining a sole proprietorship or an LLC. There is also the option of hiring someone to manage the accounts if you think that you cannot do it yourself. You can even invest in reliable accounting software which will make everything more manageable.

The Takeaway

We have included three of the most basic steps that will get you started on your swimming pool cleaning business. There is a lot to be done as a new owner but beginning things the right way should be the priority. One can easily look up important aspects of running a business on the internet.

After researching, training under a pool cleaning expert will provide the necessary expertise for the emerging entrepreneur. Managing finances and accounting through software and personal preferences is also an essential factor which should not be ignored.