At What Age Do You Teach a Child the Alphabet


Being a parent is arguably the most difficult job in the world. It is a role that lasts a lifetime and one that should never drop in quality or quality. As rewarding as it is though, it also comes chockfull of challenges that nobody can really prepare you for. First time parents have it especially hard because nothing in life comes close to the amount responsibility that is about to sweep in. Sleepless nights, first-time experiences, and annoyances all around, that is what parenting is while the child is still a toddler.

But what when they start progress from a toddler and into a child and when preschool starts? Well, that is a whole other story and it comes with a different set of problems.

Some of the most challenging things revolve around how to educate the child in all the different things, especially those that would make actual schooling easier. With that in mind, we talk about a very important topic. At what age do you teach a child the alphabet and why that age is the best for it? Read on to find out.

They Start Recognizing It Early


Children are much more capable than many parents think and they do not need nearly as much help as it may seem. There is a good reason why experts and scientists agree that the best time for learning a language is up to the age of 7 or 8 years old. When it comes to the alphabet, children start to recognize certain letters and distinguish between them as early as 2 or 3. After a couple of years, between ages 4 and 5, most children can successfully identify the majority of the alphabet. According to this data, we can easily conclude what the best time to start teaching them could be.

The Best Time to Do It


If you employ the information that has been gathered over the decades and centuries and use the aforementioned ages, you come up with a very logical age to start teaching your child the alphabet. You can start teaching them the letters of the alphabet when they are around two years old, but do not expect them to be good at it. They will not be able to master it until a few years pass, but you will give them a very good basis on which to build later. What is more, toddlers learn in different ways from older children. Flashcards and audio are not yet the right tools, but colorful alphabet books are. They are basically like toys and the toddler will start learning without even knowing it.

When they start approaching the age for kindergarten and preschool, you can transition to flashcards and audiotapes that will act more like actual lessons and learning. The time when you should actively be working with them and teaching them the alphabet as a more serious lesson is between 4 and 6 years of age. They will already be using more advanced structures to communicate, which means they have the capacity to not only recognize and distinguish between letters but also recite the alphabet and spell words. At this time, you will need the right resources to be sure to check out Printable Alphabet Worksheets for the best kind of exercises your child will love doing.