4 Ways to Tell if Your New House Needs Rewiring

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Purchasing real estate might be similar to buying a pig in a poke if you do not assess the condition of electric installations. Thus, if you have just invested in a new house, and you suspect it needs rewiring, be our guest and read through the following lines to find out in which ways you can tell it could do with some renovations.

1. The Smell of Burning Plastics

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Quality electric installation should not smell at all, so if you notice the scent of burning plastic in the room upon turning on a device, or multiple devices, you should reach out to professional assistance as soon as possible.

The typical burning stench originates from worn-out cables that cause the insulation plastic around them to melt. Do not fool yourself that the issue is going to disappear miraculously but get in touch with the nearest electrician you can find.

2. Flickering Lights

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One of the most frequent signs that something is wrong with your power supply is the advent of flickering lights. Even though it could remind you of a horror movie scene, you should not worry but do what you can and consider rewiring your home.

The next level of electric unpleasantness, that might await you if you do not substitute the built-in conductive cables, implies the burning out of lightbulbs. We know lightbulbs are cheap, but you will be financing a much more expensive venture if you neglect the problem and do not schedule an appointment with an electrician.

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3. Voltage Fluctuations

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If you notice that electric devices you use in your new home behave strangely depending on what time of day you use them, you might be having issues with the voltage. Namely, faulty electric cables tend to release a portion of the energy they conduct. Unfortunately, this issue is neither safe for you nor the gadgets connected to the power network, so the more you wait, the chances of you paying additional penalties rise.

It is possible to rewire your home by yourself, but only if you know how to handle electric installations otherwise, not solely yours but also the safety of your family would be compromised. Since we suppose you would not be reading this article if you knew the craft, we suggest you seek professional assistance.

4. Burnt Switches

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Replacing a broken switch is not that difficult, as long as you turn down the electricity. On the other hand, if the practice repeats now and then you should consider treating the cause, not the symptom. By all means, you should hire a professional to assess the situation and establish whether you need to rewire your entire home or just a section.

Hopefully, the aforementioned will help you determine whether your new house needs rewiring or not, but make sure you reach out to professional assistance in case you are not sure how to deal with the issue.