How to Estimate the Correct Value of a House When Buying


Buying a new home is an exciting experience, especially if we save a lot for it, and we spend a lot of time looking for the perfect house for us and our families. Sometimes, we can’t find a connection between what’s offered and the price listed, because some great houses are more affordable than the average ones, offering similar conditions when it comes to the parameters that may affect the price.

Many people decide to tell their requirements to real estate agents, so they can help them out find the best choice for their budget. Many people expect different things, and sometimes they are blinded by the popular beliefs related to some types of properties and the neighborhood. That’s why a lot of them have unrealistic expectations, and some houses come too expensive for them.

Before you take any step, you need to learn how to value some property. Also, you have to know that the same house won’t have the same price in Netherlands and Slovenia, for example. A lot of factors define the price, and you need to find reliable real estate agents and services who will help you estimate the value of the property of your interest, and you can click here to see how they do that.

Many people also struggle to put the proper value on the property they sell, and the real estate agencies can help you with that.

But, how to be sure the house you want to buy isn’t overpriced, especially if it’s far away from your current area and you aren’t completely aware of the conditions there? You can do your own research before you hire the agents to help you, and here are a few tips on how to do that.

1. The math approach


We all expect that the houses are sold at a fair market price, but there are some things that can add or cut the value, and we must be aware of them. There is an average price for every specific area, and you can calculate if it matches by dividing the sale price by the square footage, and then multiply the surface of the property of your interest, so you can see how much it fairly costs.

Also, keep in mind that the things like included kitchen and bath may add to the value, and if the yard comes with a patio, nice paths, grass, and other additions, it also increases the price. You must be aware that the math approximation is not always the best one, because it uses raw data to calculate the price.

On the other hand, sellers who are aware that their property is not in great condition usually go under that average price, so the new buyers can save money to fix the damages. Anyway, you can have the mathematically calculated price as a benchmark to compare the prices, so you can see what fits your budget and which house will work for you the best.

2. Seasonal prices may affect the value too

Every season is specific, and sometimes people demand new properties at the end of the winter and beginning of spring, so they can work on the renovation during the warmer months, but before the summer hits. It’s very practical, and real estate agencies are aware of it. We all know that we want to leave all the things for the last minute, but if we want to save some money or buy a house for a fair price, we must know these things. Also, you can buy it earlier, and renovate the whole property later, with the money you initially saved for that purpose.

3. The tax requirements are important


Every aspect of the property is taxable. Are there additional objects in the backyard? Was there something you crashed to build another object? Make sure you are aware of all these things. Sometimes, the tax requirements may adjust the price, and make it higher than you expect based on the square footage.

4. Online tools can help too

There are so many online house value estimators and you can use them to see if the price is fair, or the house you are interested in is too expensive compared to what it offers. These services usually use the public records available for the properties and other features that may add up to the value. It can be harder if data is limited, but they can surely take all the known aspects and estimate according to them. You can do the same if you plan to sell your house too, so you can be sure you can make a good offer, without being disappointed.

Using this data, and all the additional features, you can calculate the fair price of your home, but also check if you are planning to spend more money on something that is not worth the price demand.

5. Professionals will know how to do that


You can easily miss something important and get an unrealistic price. That’s why you must work with real estate agents at this point, no matter if you are planning to sell or buy a house. Also, there are professionals known as appraisers, who know which parameters may influence the value, like characteristics of the house, environment, the region, neighborhood, the nature around, and other factors like the average cost of similar properties and so on. Their estimation is a reference, so you can compare to what’s offered and decide if it’s a good investment or not.

Buying a house is not like buying food from a store. It includes so many factors that can change the price, and make something that appears cheap to be more expensive than expected and vice versa. No matter if you want to buy or sell, don’t do that without a professional by your side. You will be surprised how many factors can influence the price.

Make sure you are ready to get to know all these things and see if your dream house is worth the money you want to cash out for it.