Best Supplements for Healing After Surgery – Rated by Doctors and Pharmacists


No matter what type of surgery you might be having in the near future, your tissues, bones, organs, or muscles will most likely sustain some level of trauma due to the cuts being made. And since the success of the procedure also relies on the recovery process, a lot of experts recommend that people take supplements to boost healing.

Because of this, you might be wondering – what are the best supplements that I can take after surgery to prompt my body to heal quickly and properly? Luckily for all individuals that are wondering the same thing, our list below can help. Here are the top 8 supplements for healing after surgery as rated by doctors and pharmacists:

1. “Juven”


The first product that you might want to try is Juven, a nutritional powder commonly used for building up lean body mass, but, it can also boost wound healing. Since it supports blood flow and tissue growth, it can help your wounds heal faster, but, you should know that it’s extremely expensive, hence if you don’t have insurance, you might end up paying approximately 100 dollars for it.

2. “VitaMedica”


Another supplement that you could try is Vitamedica, a formula that is filled with Vitamins A, C, D, all of which will help with improving your immune system, thus, your post-op wounds will heal quicker. Though it’s often recommended by people, you should know that it contains a lot of ingredients, so, before taking it, make sure that you aren’t allergic to any of them.

3. “HealFast”


HealFast won’t only help you with post-op healing, but it’ll also reduce swelling and inflammation that you might experience, as well as reduce and help you control pain. The bad thing about it is that you’ll have to take both pre-op and post-op supplements for it to work, which can cost a lot of money, especially if you don’t have insurance.

4. “Vitanica”


Although consuming Vitanica will help you with speeding up your recovery process, you should know that most people choose to use it as a means for reducing scars, meaning that it might not help with you with completely reducing inflammation and swelling after a specific surgery. Keep in mind that doses for Vitanica are very minimal and the formula is not very strong.

5. “Mend”


If you had or will have surgery done on your bones, Mend is the supplement you should take, especially since it can help with speeding up bone and joint healing. This means that it might not help you with speeding up your tissue’s healing process, but it’ll definitely help with strengthening your bones that have been operated on.

6. “Abintra”


Abintra is commonly used for treating a wide range of conditions such as ulcers, diabetic foot, and various burns, however, it can also help with treating surgical incisions. Keep in mind, for it to truly help you with your post-op recovery, you’ll need to consume food that is high in protein with it since this will help you build muscles and heal your skin.

7. “WoundVite”


Last on our list is WoundVite, is the most comprehensive supplement in the United States for post-op recovery, mostly because it may help you with healing optimization and also scar reduction, but more importantly, it contains 21 pharmaceutical grade natural minerals, plants, extracts, and vitamins that can provide you with smooth skin and promote post surgical healing. It’s vegetarian friendly and 3rd party tested to ensure high quality. Best of all it’s price around $40, making it the most cost effective formula.

8. Magic Mushrooms


With this one, we will not target only one product but a whole range of products. While magic mushrooms are not always used for wound healing and recovery after surgery, we all know that the immune system is the one responsible for fast recovery and getting you back on track.

Knowing that you should always pay attention to what is going on in your organism and keep it in the best shape possible. Supplements from can help you boost your immune system both before and after surgery, making your recovery easier and faster.

Why Are These Supplements The Best For Post-Op Healing?


As you might have guessed from our list above, every single supplement on the market is different. And, since these dietary supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA, almost any brand available on the market can say that their products are effective for treating and healing post-op incisions.

Because of this, you, as a consumer must be extremely careful about the products you choose to use, especially since they might not always help with the conditions they claim they can help with. Hence, when the doctors and pharmacists rated and chose the supplements we’ve mentioned above, they focused on the following things:

1. The Formula & Ingredients – the experts opted for the brands by researching the various vitamins and minerals that had a positive effect on nerves. The brands from above used the most proven, researched, and natural ingredients in their formulas, meaning that they don’t contain allergens or sugars. Nonetheless, before consuming any of them, you should check the label and see whether or not you’re allergic to any ingredient.

2. The Dosage – supplements won’t really work if you don’t take the correct dosage of them. This means that the most effective supplements will only work for you if you take the correct dose and all of the brands from above provide their consumers with the correct clinical doses of each ingredient, vitamin, and mineral, which means that they’re extremely effective when it comes to post-op healing.

3. Transparent And Concise Labels – if the labels and ingredient details are vague on a product, you should be extremely careful about consuming it. This means that you should only opt for companies that have a transparent label and detailed information about their supplements. If they aren’t transparent about the ingredients they use, it’s possible that they’re hiding something, which is why it might be best for you to opt for a different organization.

4. They Shouldn’t Promise Impossible Outcomes – when browsing for a supplement, you might notice that a lot of brands tend to claim that their products work wonders, but they might end up not working at all. Since these supplements aren’t regulated, companies can claim whatever they want, however, the formulas we’ve mentioned in our list above all have realistic promotions, all of which are backed with evidence that they actually work.

5. Brand Reputation – the companies mentioned above were chosen on the reputation of the company and the list above only features brands that have suitable manufacturing processes, that ensured that their supplements were produced in FDA approved labs, and that had their products third-party tested to ensure that they’re high-quality and pure. Because of this, they’ll feature this information and certificates on their websites, and if not, they don’t follow the important standards mentioned.

6. Assessment From The Medical Advisory Board – most of the eight supplements from above were formulated under the supervision of or by teams of experienced doctors, pharmacists, and nutritionists. This is something that guarantees that the product has been dosed correctly, thus, it’ll be effective for post-op healing. Also, all of them are tested against other ingredients and medicine for any potential and dangerous side effects.

7. The Cost – as we’ve mentioned, some of the supplements, such as magnesium supplements, from our list are more expensive than others, however, the doctors and pharmacists that recommended them tried to opt for supplements that have varying price ranges, meaning that you could find something that suits the budget that you have.

Keep in mind, they’ll all help you with post-op recovery and the one you choose will depend on your preferences and budget.


Since you now know what supplements could help you with healing quickly after surgery, you shouldn’t lose time. Instead, start researching all of the brands and products we’ve mentioned in our article, and from there, determine which one might be the most suitable for your needs.