7 Tips for Matching Your Placemats With Your Dining Table

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Placemats are some of the most useful accessories that you can have in your household, and they are going to protect your furniture as well as your delicate dinnerware. If you don’t want to use tablecloths and if you want to avoid damaging your goods, then you should think about investing in these units.

However, if you want to get the best of them and keep your style, you need to be smart when picking them.

Here, we are going to list some tips for matching your placemats with your dining table.

1. Consider the material you want

Source: pexels.com

The thing you want to start with when it comes to these units is the fabric. There are so many options nowadays, and the fabric or material that you choose will either complement not only the table, but the room itself, or it will just be the focal piece for all the wrong reasons.

Depending on the material you have chosen for the table, as well as your other decorations, you can opt for glass, leather, wood, plastic, or the most common option, bamboo. There are other options as well, and the price will vary depending on the size as well as the quality of the placemats.

2. The size is going to play a huge role

Experts suggest that this is the most important factor of the whole purchase, and if you choose items that are too large, they are going to make the table look too crowded, and if you choose ones that are too small, you will ruin your dining experience. The common placemats size that you can find is 33×45 in centimeters, or 13×17.5 in inches, however, there are many smaller and larger variants. You need to consider the space of the table, the purpose of the placemat, as well as the size of your dinnerware.

3. The shape is going to make a difference as well

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Now let’s talk about the shape. More often than not, you have probably seen the rectangular mats that are the number one choice, but that does not have to be your first choice for your table. If you have a round table, you can choose accessories in the same shape that are going to follow the flow of the bigger pieces. You can also go with square or oval pieces that will compliment your setting, and you can make this decision based on how big your table is, as well as its shape. See what works the best for you, and make sure that you see the table set along with the placemats to make your final decision.

4. Are you interested in a special design?

One of the best things about the placemats is that they can easily transform your room and your furniture without you having to do too much. There are many beautiful designs that you can opt for that will make the space look bigger, wider, or even more attractive. The way that our outfit can make us look slimmer and taller, the placemats can do the same for your dining table. So, think about what would complement your space the most, and which shapes, themes, and colors are going to make the furniture look more attractive.

5. Think about the colors

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Don’t forget to consider the colors, as they are going to help you create a special setting, or they are going to create an overcrowded space. You need to think about the color of your room and table, and you should also consider the colors that you have in your home.

Look for complementary hues, and see what will just continue the flow without looking like an item out of place. You should also consider the occasions that you are going to use them for, and it is perfectly okay to disregard this if you are purchasing placemats for special occasions like birthdays, Easter, or Christmas.

6. How do you want to clean them?

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is disregarding the cleaning process. As you can see, some of the placemats that you can choose are going to be completely waterproof, while others will allow fluids and foods to go through them. If you opt for items that are not waterproof, they can still cause damage to your wood, so you need to pick materials that are going to add an additional layer of protection to your furniture.

If you have small children, then it is best to go with plastic or PVC, but if you are creating a formal setting, then you should go with wood, glass, or leather. For informal everyday meals, you can opt for any type of fabric or even bamboo. All of these placemats are going to require different maintenance processes, so understand how that is going to affect your furniture and your time.

7. What is their main use going to be?

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There are many different types of placemats, and they serve a different purposes, so you need to be aware of that if you want to perfectly match them to your dining table. We are most commonly used to the dishes mats that can sometimes cover the space for the glasses as well. Note that there are special types of mats that are made for glasses only, and they are different than coasters. On the same note, you can opt for a larger, rectangular piece that is going to be placed from one end of your dining table to the other.

They are used to put different things on them, including the main course or wine bottles.

You should also consider if you want to invest in items that are going to be used every day, or if you want placemats that are going to be placed out only on special occasions.

Depending on your preferences, go through this list again, and see what you are looking for in your special collection, and what you want to get for everyday purposes.

Have these things on your mind when choosing these goods, and know that it is okay for you to test out different options before you make your final choice. Make sure you focus on the size and maintenance since those two factors are going to play the biggest role in your experience. If needed, collaborate with an expert and see which types of placemats are going to complement your dining table the most.