What Are the Pros & Cons of Stamped Concrete?

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The decision to transform your driveway or backyard of your home into your picture-perfect image can come with so many options. You are presented with many choices of materials and features that you can incorporate. The question is: should you go with concrete pavers or choose stamped concrete?

You will need to consider many aspects when you want to make your concrete choices because once installed, it will be very difficult to change. That is why the installation of stamped concrete on any surface is a big decision to make.

Stamped concrete has evolved so much from the old grey slabs that were common. Today, it offers so many varieties and it may come up on the list of the options when it is time to install your concrete. Just take a look at what’s available here www.kansascitystampedconcretepros.com!

However, before you go with stamped concrete, it is important you weigh up the pros and cons, and know if you should do the installation by yourself or hire a professional.

Pros of Stamped Concrete Installation

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The old hard plain slabs have been given a beautiful facelift with the development of stamped concrete. It adds value and aesthetics to your home. It can also be a long-term solution for your backyard because it is durable.

• Aesthetics: It offers a wide array of choices when picking patterns, colors, and textures for your patio. The most popular color scheme is the Earth tones. You are not likely to ever go out of style if you go with a natural look. While you have many pattern options, a landscape designer will need to inspect your property to estimate the size of your patio for inspiration and cohesion. Stamped has been able to mimic almost any known hardscape surface, from natural stone to slate.

• Installation: The installation of it is less labor-intensive when compared to the installation of concrete pavers. This is mainly because stamped concrete is one continuous form. To install concrete pavers, they have to be hauled and individually placed in a pattern manually. For the stamped concrete, all that is needed is to mix and pour, using the stamp templates.

• It Is a Cheaper Alternative: When compared to concrete pavers or bricks, stamped concrete is an economical option to improve the exterior of your home. Some homeowners prefer the surface of their stamped concrete to be sealed, so as to give it slip resistance, and to protect it from the elements. Should you choose this method, stamped concrete is still a more economical option upfront. However, you will have to reseal the surface every 3-5 years.

• Easy to Maintain: The surface of concrete pavers tends to become unsettled as they separate and heave during the winter seasons. For stamped concrete, it is different. Because it is one continuous piece of concrete, there’s no worry about weeds growing through the joints of stamped concrete like the concrete pavers. Also, there is no issue of separating and heaving when the weather changes.

Cons of Stamped Concrete Installations

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• Aesthetics: Although there is a close resemblance between stamped concrete and other hardscape materials like natural stone and slate, it is still just an imitation. Yes, it is an attractive choice for a patio, but it is not likely to be mistaken for the real deal.

• Color Matching: When being installed, stamped concrete is colored in a phased process. If there is damage to your stamped concrete, matching the original color for the repair is very difficult, and it is almost impossible to recreate the color layering.

• Cracking: It is just a matter of time, it cracks over the years because it is just one continuous hardscape without any room for movement. However, it can typically be repaired very easily.

The Advantages of Stamped Concrete Over Other Material Types

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When compared to similar options, stamped concrete excels in many categories:

• It is easier to customize: The surface of stamped concrete comes in numerous color choices and patterns. No other material offers such a level of customization.

• Maintenance is easier: It only requires minimal maintenance and can last for decades. Other surfaces such as natural stone or precast pavers require constant maintenance to keep the joints filled with sand, and also to keep weeds from growing between them.

• Faster installation: The installation of stamped concrete takes a shorter time than that of precast pavers and natural stone.

• Lower cost: The cost of pouring stamped concrete is usually considerably lower than installing natural stone surfaces. While installing some lower-end paver options may seem cheaper, the long-term cost of maintenance, repair, and replacement ultimately costs more.

Why Should You Hire Professionals to Install Your Stamped Concrete?

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Although stamped concrete is known to be faster and more convenient to install than most other options, the installation is still a complicated process that requires the right materials, tools, job site conditions, and expertise to get the desired outcome. The installation team has many steps to go through to stamp the concrete. Unfortunately, the window period to complete them is short because the fresh concrete begins to harden very quickly.

Professional contractors have the requisite knowledge and experience which enables them to complete the work faster than an amateur. When hiring professionals to install your stamped concrete, you are guaranteed to have the desired result and they will take care of any problems effectively.

It takes more than a wheelbarrow to execute a large concrete project; a concrete mixer is also needed, and it is expensive to rent. A professional contractor will not only complete the project faster; they will also run the project efficiently because they have all the necessary tools to apply a textured or smooth finish to the surface of the concrete.

While you may be tempted as a homeowner to do your concrete work yourself, hiring a professional to run your project will make your life much easier. Concrete work can cost a lot to demolish and haul away. By hiring an expert, you can be sure that the work done by them will add much value to your home.

Take Advantage of All Stamped Concrete Has to Offer

Stamped concrete is a very good option for the driveway and backyard of your home. As you can see, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. You can choose to try and install it by yourself, but there’s a lot of work involved in it. You may end up with a bigger mess than what you’re expecting, and related charges that wouldn’t otherwise be necessary. That’s why it is best to hire professionals for a perfect outcome.