5 Tips on How to Maintain Your Trees

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Choosing to plant trees on your property is a decision that cannot be taken lightly. Trees and plants need proper maintenance and care for them to grow and flourish. If they are neglected, they will die, and you will be left with a brown blot on your lawn. If you keep the trees healthy, they will reward you in return with shade, fruits, and oxygen.

Here is how you can ensure tree health by simply following these tree maintenance tips:

1. Watering is the First Step

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Many people forgo the importance of watering their plants and trees daily, and it causes a lot of harm to the health of the plant. If you send that after a tree has matured, it will be able to seek groundwater to fulfill its needs, you are right to a certain extent.

In residential areas, the amount of groundwater available is very scarce, so trees need some additional help when it comes to gathering water. Even if you choose to water the tree every alternate day, it will be green and healthy.

2. Pruning is a Must

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Pruning the trees might require professional help if the trees are longer, but it is worth it because it facilitates growth. While many homeowners choose to do pruning for the aesthetic value, it is also important for the health of the tree as the deadwood, which might be a hindrance to the growth, is removed. The expertise of a professional like Vienna Tree Service & Landscaping might come in handy while pruning.

3. Use Mulch

You can go ahead and do mulching on your own. Mulch helps the roots of the tree stay healthy and will insulate them, so they do not suffer from frost in the colder season. Up to four inches of mulch around the tree but not too close to the trunk is the ideal way to go about the maintenance.

4. Fertilization is a Necessity

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Even if you are doing everything right, there still might be some nutrients that your tree is not getting. Because trees are growing in an environment where natural nutrients are in a constant shortage, we need to help them grow by providing them externally. There is not a need for a professional to do the fertilization. You can set up a schedule that allows you to fertilize the trees periodically. You can either choose a slow-release fertilizer or go with natural ingredients like kitchen waste and leaves from your garden.

5. Don’t Shy Away From Checkups

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If you feel that you are doing everything by the book but still have not seen any improvement in the health of your trees, you can book a checkup. Getting a professional opinion might help your trees get back on track and become green and healthy again.

The Takeaway

These tips on tree maintenance are not something that you might not have been already aware of. Still, a reminder on how important basic care is helpful, especially when it comes to keeping your lawn green and fresh.