How Often Should a Residential Grease Trap Be Cleaned?


Cleaning your homes to keep them in the best condition is the most important thing, but there is a slight confusion. People are often confused about how much cleaning will be an effective cleaning technique, so some signs and tips will help you evaluate the perfect instances when you need to initiate cleaning.

1. The 1/4th fill


The most crucial thing to be kept in mind is that when 1/4th of the grease trap is filled, then it is the time when you must plan on cleaning your grease trap. You might think that the 3/4th of the trap is still empty, then why there is a rush of cleaning it so early and the reason for the same is that when the trap is 1/4th filled, it remains no longer effective.

The fill allows the oil and dirt to easily move through pipelines when filled up to a quarter of the limit.

2. Read laws


All countries are deeply concerned about the grease traps because the water released from the pipelines goes through the sewers, and if there is some issue with the grease traps, the drainage system will get clogged. So some countries do not allow washing dishes using hot water because it melts the fat and lets it easily cross the grease trap.

So before you start cleaning, do hire a professional to check for the local laws.

3. Maintain cleaning cycles


Apart from the 1/4th limit of the grease trap, the user must also make sure that they maintain their regular cleaning cycles, which can range up to twice a week. According to Everett Grease Trap Services, cleaning the grease trap twice a week makes it easier for the user never to allow the grease to reach the cleaning limit.

Also, once or twice a month, you should hire professionals because they provide top-notch cleaning services.

4. Hire professionals


It’s well said that when someone holds expertise in some work, then let them complete the work, so you must hire professionals for cleaning. You can only clean the grease trap in the way a normal person must have cleaned it, and there are possibilities that the residue would be left.

Also, sometimes users think that enzymes make it easier to break down fats, but it’s still being tested, and sometimes it creates a mess. So leave the cleaning to the professionals and let them manage all of it.

5. Line jetting

This is a method of cleaning which should be used only once a month and used only by professionals for the same. So the process of line jetting involves introducing high-speed water to the pipelines, which rushes all the dirt from the pipelines. So this is a complex procedure, and people with adequate professional skills should only perform it.

And there you have it. Maintaining a grease trap isn’t that difficult but it is a task that you shouldn’t forget to do. Consult with the professionals and stay in touch with them to keep this the issues from appearing.