How Often Should You Do Hood Cleaning?


It is essential to have a kitchen hood to release the smoke produced during the cooking. If you won’t do this, then this can be harmful for you as well as your staff working over there.

It is designed by keeping all the safety factors in mind. It helps in the removal of smoke, grease-laden vapors, and fumes from the air to protect you from fire hazards.

If you have been using this system for quite a while now, then you must know that it is likewise important to clean it after regular intervals. Generally, it is advised that you should get your kitchen hood cleaned after every three months. However, according to some experts it depends upon various factors.

The kitchen hood that uses charcoal or wood burning stove needs to be cleaned or inspected every month. The other factors on which the inspection or cleaning depends include the type of the cooking device used and the type of food is being made. Now, let us check a few tips that can help you with this procedure.

Removing the dry layers of dirt:


To begin the process of cleaning, the very first step that should come in your mind is eliminating the dust from its surface. For doing this, you can take the help of a dust brush.

Choose the brush that is capable of reaching the narrow parts and sharp outer edges of the hood to ensure proper cleaning. In case you don’t want to do this yourself, consider hiring experts for this task on Premier Grease.

Wiping out the outer portion of the hood:


We all are aware of the fact that first impressions are long lasting impressions. Keeping this in your brain, you need to ensure that the outer portion of the hood appears neat. Take some warm water and add soap in it, mix both of them well. A foamy liquid will get produced. Use a brush to scrub the outer surface with this liquid.

To keep it a more polished appearance, take a kitchen towel and rub it all over its surface. In case there are some greasy or sticky particles present on the hood, consider using a vinegar solution to remove them.

Rubbing the stains present under the hood:


To deal with your kitchen hood carefully, you need to ensure that both the inside and the outside is clean and there are no stains. However, pay some extra attention while cleaning the inside of the hood because the electrical components will be close to you. The best thing is that the filters can be bought out of it easily.

We recommend you to wear gloves on your hand to protect it from any chemicals. Once you are prepared, take some water and add baking soda in it. Also make sure to keep a degreasing soap close to where you are cleaning. Dip the brush in the liquid solution and scuff the inside portion with ease. Consider removing the filter to clean it deeply.