Webviewgold Review: Is It Worth It to Convert Website to Mobile App?

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WebViewGold – an app template that claims to easily convert web apps and websites to iOS and Android apps – without any coding. But is it worth it to convert your website to an Android & iOS application with just an URL? What do you need? How do you develop your website/web app first? Are there actual advantages (or disadvantages) of cross-platform environments like WebViewGold to help create apps that work on all devices? Or is it marketing hype? Let’s find out!

With WebViewGold, you’re getting an Xcode project / Android Studio project, and all you have to do is add in your website/web app URL, and that’s it. In addition, there are quite a lot of optional features available like push notifications, in-app purchases, ads, QR code scanner, and more. WebViewGold comes with an approval guarantee that promises to be able to submit apps to iOS/Apple App Store and Android/Google Play Store.

The Tech YouTuber Alex (Rebeloper) reviewed the iOS version of the WebViewGold app template in his video.

Rebeloper is a YouTube channel with 1.9 million views (November 2024) that teaches its viewers how to make apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Alex is a senior full-stack iOS developer with over eight years of experience. Besides hosting the Rebeloper channel, he is known as a digital consultant.

Alex makes no secret that he is overall convinced of WebViewGold for iOS: “When I first taken a look at WebViewGold I was blown away”. But the review video also highlights technical limitations and will help you make your decision of whether it is worth trying WebViewGold for your app project or not.

Also, it may be worthwhile to check out the WebViewGold reviews on Envato/CodeCanyon of more users for a broad picture of WebViewGold reviews, such as:

“Amazing experience for setup. Well-documented and very easy to follow; worth it!” (CodeCanyon User brentandersonco)

“SO easy to set up. Had one slight challenge but customer support was prompt and incredibly responsive. Will definitely be using them for apps going forward.” (CodeCanyon User zorigo)

There are also somewhat more critical comments (e.g., “I need a Mac for this?!” for the iOS version of WebViewGold), but the author team has publically answered these, and a solution or refund was offered. Apropos, who is the author team of WebViewGold? Based on their CodeCanyon profile, since 2015, the agency OnlineAppCreator, located in Germany, has been responsible for this product.

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WebViewGold is a symptom of a bigger shift in mobile app development:

In the past few years, there has been a rise in the development of hybrid, cross-platform apps. As a result, agencies and freelancers do not concentrate on only one platform (iOS/Android) and work hard to master the nuances of that platform. Instead, nowadays, app developers are developing apps for multiple platforms using one single codebase saving time and budget. Besides WebViewGold, other cross-platform tool examples are Flutter or React Native.

What do you think of WebViewGold? What do you think of the ongoing trend to hybrid app development? Drop us a message and let us know!

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