9 Things to Know About British Shorthair Kittens Before Adopting Them

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If you are the type of person who prefers cats as your companion, you have to inform yourself before adopting one. Because there are many different breeds, you should be making a choice based on many factors.

Primarily, you have to make sure that you can take care of the breed that you like. Some cats need larger places of living, some require more maintenance, so make sure that you can make this possible for them.

If you are not able to spend time playing with your cat, and you plan on leaving it alone in your home, you should consider a breed that can withstand being on its own.

To know exactly what you need to provide for the well-being of your new British Shorthair Kitten, you have to inform yourself better about this breed. That is why we have made this article, to show you some of the things that describe these kittens, and to consider whether this is the right cat for you.

1. They have a long lifespan

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Getting these kittens means that you commit too many years of companionship. Even if you can take care of them at the moment, you will have to make plans for the future as well. You may come into a situation further on where you will have to find a person to do they care for you.

They typically live more than fifteen years, so educating yourself about what are the best conditions for them is important. Since they will be with you for a relatively long time, you will have to make sure that they have what they need, and keep them happy longer.

2. They are relatively healthy

Even though they live long, they are not prone to many health problems during their life.

Like many breeds, they surely have some things that you will have to prevent.

Three major issues may come upon them. Firstly, there might be problems with their kidneys. Secondly, you will have to see whether they have a gene mutation related to their blood. Thirdly, they might have problems with their heart. If you are doing your regular check-ups on the vet, you will be able to prevent certain things or at least treat them on time.

If you have thought about regular issues like dust and certain allergies, they are not that sensitive on them like some other types of kittens.

3. British shorthair cats grow big

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These cats grow big, and you have to know that before you adopt one. If you get it as a kitten, you should not overspend on clothes, bowls, and beds because they will not fit in a short time. You should either get inexpensive items and be prepared to replace them with bigger ones. Or, you should get high-quality items once, but get them bigger to fit them in some time as well.

Although they grow big, you will have to make sure that you feed them properly. It may look cute when they are big diffusely but it is not good for them. To understand what is best for them to eat, consult with their vet and feed them using a pattern. Make sure that you don’t give them anything that we eat because that is bad for them.

4. These are not lap kittens

Even though they look cuddly because of their size, they do not like to be touched all the time. However, these kittens show affection by staying close to you and tailing you around the house. If you have expected to have a kitten to be in your lap constantly, the British shorthair cat will not fulfill those expectations.

You should avoid forcing this on them, because you will disrupt their trust, and they will start running away from you. Let them have their distance, and respect that. Pet them enough, and show your affection by playing games rather than grabbing them and squeezing them on you.

5. They don’t cause problems

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British shorthair kittens are calm pets that just enjoy relaxing in the comfort of your home.

Rather than destroying things around, having rest is what they most prefer. This may come because of their age, but they are chill when they are young as well.

If you notice anything destroyed, you should consider visiting a vet, because there may be something going on with your short hair. When they are disrupted or unstable is the only time they tend to do such activities.

6. They are pretty smart

Because of the fact that they are smart, you will have no trouble teaching and training them well. However, make sure that the reward you give them is not food because of their weight, so either pet them or give them a small nip.

You can notice how they remember periods when certain things happen. For example, if there is a schedule when a member comes home, you can see how they position themselves in the hallway waiting for them.

7. Make sure you keep them inside

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They behave the best when they are kept inside your place. If you let them outside you can expect things like birds and similar things on your porch. Also, some people are waiting for opportunities to get their hands on cats like these. Your kitten may think that they are friendly, and they will steal it away from you

If you want to bring your shorthair outside, make sure that you have planned everything.

Firstly, try to control the environment. That means that you can let your kitten run in your hard if it is secured from all sides. If you don’t own a yard, you can try to walk your cat on a leash.

8. These kittens are excellent with kids, and with other animals as well

If you are having a child, or other pets inside your place, you should not be worried when getting the British shorthair. They can get along with everything, but make sure that you do a proper presentation to one another. Use something to separate them firstly, and then let them contact slowly.

9. Keep them well maintained

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Although they don’t require much maintenance, you should still do an effort to keep them clean and well. They shed often and because they lick themselves, furballs can occur. The procedures of getting them outside are complicated, and expensive as well. Make sure that you brush them regularly to prevent these things from happening, and keep their health and well-being not compromised.