6 Ways Modern Technology Is Improving Poultry Farming Equipment

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While most people today are interested in reading more about the technological improvements related to devices that we can you for communication and entertainment, you have to know that the development of new machines and systems has an even bigger influence on the farming industry. The world must start implementing new models of production and harvesting that provide higher sustainability and effectiveness. The same is with poultry farming.

Poultry farms are common all over the world and represent one of the best models for providing a lot of chicken and turkey meat. Still, it is essential to use the advanced poultry equipment that will help you secure the right quality, high production, along decreased long-term expenses. Also, it is important to focus on the ambient where the birds are living and prevent potential diseases.

It is common for the farming industry to follow the most recent advancements in technology. However, it is necessary to make these tools available even in less-developed countries, especially because they are more likely to be relying on poultry. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the influence of modern technology on this industry and how it is improving it.

1. Automation For Improved Production

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Various automation processes are already present in different industries for a long time. However, it was more challenging to implement it in this industry since it requires more advanced tools. There are various advantages of installing these automation tools. For instance, you can modernize the equipment and make it suitable for this process, which leads to an advanced farm where you don’t need labor that will take care of monitoring, feeding, collecting eggs, and keeping the place clean.

It can be used in places where birds are kept for eggs and meat, along with the butchery, where machines can provide higher productivity and less waste. This is especially important as a way to secure the farm during the pandemic. It will help you secure your business and protect from further spread of disease.

2. Microbiology for Health

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While keeping a poultry farm does not require you to be familiar with advanced biology and science, it can help you to increase the productivity and quality of your products. Modern technology and discoveries in science will help the farmers to implement the best equipment and processes to secure healthy poultry, more meat, more eggs, and no chance of facing issues with diseases. When it comes to microbiology, it provides a new type of medicine that is provided to animals as prevention of potential health issues.

3. Sensors and Wireless Devices for Security

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In case that you are keeping poultry for the production of meat, it is important to determine the right moment for taking the birds into the slaughterhouse. You can equip each nest with special sensors that will monitor the activity of the birds and measure their weight along with some other instances so you can be sure to provide the best quality while securing a higher weight, which will result in increased profit as well.

Another use of sensors is to implement them in the feeders. It is known that it is very important to control the food intake of chicken, and these tools will help you to avoid overindulgence and hunger. You can use sensors to monitor the workers as well, while the installation of wireless cameras improves the safety of your farm.

4. Blockchain Technology For Detailed Analysis

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Most people think about cryptocurrency when they hear about this term. However, blockchain is a much more advanced system that represents a revolution in data science, statistics and can be a great way to examine and improve your current processes. The implementation of this technology will help you get more accurate reports of the production, supplies, expenses, and other aspects of your business.

5. Artificial Intelligence as a Modern Approach

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The introduction of AI will help you to control all of the elements that we already mentioned in this article. A complete integration will lead to long-term benefits since you can save a lot of money by running a farm that requires fewer or no workers at all. The goal of full implementation is to reach the point where all systems are completely automated, and there is no need for monitoring and control, at least not by a group of workers.

The AI with installed instances will secure the right amount of food and water, monitor the behavior and health of the animals, provide them with required medicine and supplements, and determine the right moment when the birds are ready for the butchery. It might seem expensive at the beginning, but this equipment will help you run a sustainable farm.

Besides that, it will require less effort when it comes to control and main operations.

6. Classification

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Both eggs and meat are often divided into various groups depending on quality and size. It was common for farms to hire a group of people who will place the eggs on the conveyor belt and then create these groups. The issues of this approach are increased chances for mistakes and lower productivity.

On the other side, modern tools will classify eggs from the moment when they appear in the nests. When it comes to meat production, modern machines can be used for cleaning the meat, separating different parts of it, getting rid of the bones, and more.

Last Words

The main reason why this type of farm is so popular all over the world is that it requires less money to run it. Chicken is much cheaper than beef and other popular meat products.

Also, it needs less effort when compared to other types of productions.

According to many experts, further development of this industry is one of the best ways to deal with the issues in developing counties where food shortage is still present. The advanced systems with modern tools will secure higher productivity, lower expenses, and safety since there is no need for a large group of people to work on this type of farm.