4 Permanent Makeup Trends You Should Be Following in 2024

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Make-up has become a part of daily activity for both women and men. Everyone wants to look beautiful and stay groomed. Daily makeup can be overwhelming sometimes, especially when you are in a hurry. It takes time to do makeup because it needs to be done with precision. With the help of permanent makeup trends, you can enhance your looks without doing makeup every day.

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Permanent Makeup Trends in 2024

1. Microblading, Nano Balding and Eyebrows lamination

Source: pexels.com

Talking about permanent makeup trends, eyebrows play a crucial role in enhancing your facial looks. Microblading and nanobalding are still on-trend, allowing you to have perfect eyebrows. This makeup solution is used by every artist to give your eyebrows a natural and attractive look.

Microblading is mostly suitable for oily skin and is considered to give more prominent results. This styling technique of making eyebrows look thick, defined, and natural. Microblading helps you to give your eyebrows the arches that feature all your attention to your eyes, give you a structured and defined look, and highlight your cheekbones. Microblading is also a manual styling technique that is not easy to perform, and it takes practice and precision to provide you with flawless hair strokes. Different eye shapes such as Hooded eyes require different eyelashes. It is really important that they match your eyes.

Nano Balding is a more advanced version of microblading. This styling technique is done with the use of machines and makes it easier for artists. It is more sophisticated and precise than microblading as you get thinner hair strokes using the technique. With the nano blading technique, you can get precise hair strokes that look like real hair growth and make it look more natural.

Brow lamination is especially used to brush up and lift your eyebrows. This styling technique is similar to microblading, and this technique is more effective and ideal for people with bushy or a lot of hair on their brows. People with thin or less hair on their brows can still choose microblading or nano balding. You should be following all these makeup trends for your perfect natural-looking eyebrows.

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2. Permanent eyeliner

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Permanent eyeliner is another widely used makeup trend that you should be following in 2024. Eyeliners are very important to highlight your eyes, and without them, makeup remains incomplete. Putting on eyeliners daily can be quite overwhelming. To ease up your makeup, permanent eyeliners are a perfect solution to everyday wearing eyeliner.

This is like getting a cosmetic tattoo made with a machine specially designed to make cosmetic tattoos. This tattoo on your eyelids allows you to get permanent eyeliner in the perfect shape of your choice. Permanent eyeliner emphasis enhancing and a bold look to your eyelashes in a sophisticated way, so it looks natural.

This styling technique is determined to be non-invasive, and you can carry it out with your regular temporary makeup styles after waiting for a few weeks for the skin to heal from the trauma. However, there are certain health conditions to follow before getting a permanent eyeliner.

3. Semi-permanent Lip Tattoo, Lip Blush, and Aquarelle Lips

There are quite a few permanent makeup trends to enhance the beauty of your lips and make them look more glossy, matte, and shiny. Semi-permanent lip tattoo, and aquarelle lips are still widely used for permanent beauty solutions. Those who have plumper lips and wear lipsticks to hide their imperfections, can use these procedures as permanent makeup trends.

Lip tattoo is a beauty enhancement procedure that will provide you with a long-lasting solution to plumper lips and hide any imperfections. It is a cosmetic tattoo that can be done in different styles, which includes opaque lipstick to hide any imperfections and give them a glossy look, shape-perfecting liner for a perfect highlighted lip line, etc. These tattoos are also used to lighten dark lips.

Lip blush is an advanced treatment of semi-permanent lip tattoos. The use of new styling techniques and advanced cosmetic tools provides you with a gentle lip treatment and makes them natural-looking and smooth. This procedure is used for the same purpose as a lip tattoo, i.e., to enhance your lips that make them defined, structured, and glossy.

The last styling procedure includes aquarelle lips. This styling technique is used by several artists to give their lips a glossy, matte look, and it is different from a semi-permanent lip tattoo. Aquarelle lip procedure is especially used to give you a smooth and blurred effect with a variety of shades and no sharp outline. It gives added volume to your lips and makes them look extensively natural.

These are the permanent makeup trends that you must follow instead of surgical procedures to enhance and uplift your lips. This technique gives you a natural look for a long time without any damage to the skin.

4. Scalp Micropigmentation for Men

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The most popular permanent makeup trend among men is scalp treatment to make unique creative hairstyles. Scalp micropigmentation is the perfect solution for men with balding problems. This procedure can help you to add density and volume to your hair and hide baldness or receding hairline.

Micropigmentation is an affordable hair treatment for men. A perfect hairstyle can help you to enhance your looks and feel confident. This procedure is used widely amongst men as a permanent makeup trend for hair problems.

The Bottom-line

Permanent makeup trends are used by many artists to enhance their looks and help them to look beautiful. With the help of permanent makeup, you don’t have to engage your time in daily makeup. Many people prefer to use permanent makeup styling treatment, and it is a more effective way to enhance your looks and facial beauty.